Thursday, December 11, 2008

M1 KidSAFE - Advertorial

I don't know if you remember your teenager days when the phone seems to be an extra appendage to your body? I certainly remember mine. And with exact clarity, I also remembered my dad screaming his head off whenever he sees me on the phone yet again :p But well, I could hardly blame the poor man because I recalled breaking my own 8 hour non-stop phone marathon record! (Geez ..... what does one talk about??)

However of course in my days, handphones were unheard of. I used the home phone and my dad would watch me with his hawk-like eyes, monitoring whom I am talking to. But you see, I was really popular then (hahaha ....... bear with the ego-maniac running loose again :p), my number somehow got circulated and I received numerous calls from guys whom I didn't know. (The loophole was that dad cannot be there 24/7.) Looking back, I think I was extremely lucky not to fall prey to crooks.

Meg had her own handphone since she was 5. And if me at 15 didn't know better, I don't see how she could either. So if she's anything like me and plus accentuated by the proliferation of handphones, I dread to think of the many dangers that she will be exposed to. It sends chills down my spine merely thinking about it.

So therefore, I was notably excited when Nuffnang contacted me to try out M1's new mobile service - KidSAFE, prior to its' launch. (I think someone up there must have been paying attention to me ^^) M1 is the 1st and only mobile operator in the world to offer this novel mobile service that can assure parents a peace of mind whilst allowing their children the autonomy of owning a handphone. It definitely sounds like a win-win solution to me.

The KidSAFE application is pre-installed in the SIM card. I can store the phone numbers for Meg and she will only be able to call/SMS the numbers that’s been stored. Likewise vice versa, unauthorized numbers will not be able to reach through to Meg. For added security, this program & other KidSAFE features can only be changed with a 6-digit pin number.This means that I get to decide whom Meg communicates with. I would know if she starts mixing with unsavoury characters and more importantly, safeguard her against calls/SMS from strangers.

Meg asked why do I have to approve the numbers and I took the opportunity to explain the dangers of unsolicited calls/SMS and why she should not give out her handphone number freely. KidSAFE acted as a tool for me to educate and guide her on responsible mobile phone usage. So hopefully when she's too grown-up for me to be prying into her handphone, she will continue to be conscientious about whom she gives her number to.

We have all heard horror stories whereby a child unintentionally chalks up massive phone bills by dialling 1900 numbers to donate to charities or download songs. This certainly helps protect my pocket from haemorrhaging! :p

Another handy feature is that you can view the numbers that tried to call in or your child had tried to call. And on top of that, you will be alerted via SMS, should the KidSAFE SIM card be removed and used in another phone. These useful features allows me to monitor unauthorized phone usage and puts me on guard against any misdemeanour. Furthermore, internet access is not available to KidSAFE users and hence the possibility of Meg being exposed to undesirable content is eliminated.

"Right ......", you might think, "but at what kind of cost for all these benefits?" Be prepared to do a double take (in a good way) like me when I 1st learned of the charges.
  • Monthly subscription fee for M1 Sunshare plan is $12.84. KidSAFE will be free for 12 months, and $3 per month thereafter.
  • Monthly subscription fee for M1 D.I.Y. plan starts from $16.05. KidSAFE is available as a value added service at $3 per month.

So regardless of whether you are a M1 or non-M1 user, you can still reap the benefits that KidSAFE provides. Although I am glad that I am a M1 user because it means that I pay lesser. Another huge bonus is that talk time between Meg and me is entirely free. Seeing that Meg uses her phone to call me majority of the time, this would translate into huge savings for me.

KidSAFE application can however only be used on a Samsung SGH E200 (red) phone. But Meg has no problem with that because the phone is ultra-slim and equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera. And to tie in with the launch, the phone is sold to you at a promotional price of $0 when you subscribe to KidSAFE in December!

Although Megan is only in Primary 1, her timetable is packed with enrichment classes and CCA. She often has to stay back in school, therefore I need her to have a handphone so that I can contact and locate her. I believe, like me, more and more parents are giving their children handphones and many are starting at a younger age. (Like it or not, this is how the world is evolving.) Children fall prey very easily to mobile scams because they are innocent and gullible. So while we leverage on the convenience and advantages of technology, it is imperative that we take on the responsibility to make sure our kids are safe in this IT world that we created.

After these few days of trying out the features of KidSAFE, I have to say I am a convert. Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my precious lil' princess. And I will do anything in my power to keep her out of harm's way. So I believe that I am definitely heading in the correct direction with KidSAFE.


  1. Hi Esther,

    Is this Meg current hairstyle?? =) It's nice leh!! Hee

  2. Yeah .... Been sporting short hair right after Marilyn's wedding and she's totally loving it! :D


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