Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ahhh ..... This is life

Here's what I do, day in and day out when I get home from work. First, I would plop myself into the chair in front of the PC and then log in to Utopia/ FB/ my blog and email accounts (in that order). After I am satisfied with the state of things, I would reluctantly shift my butt and change into my jammies before diving into bed for a nap. I'm like a baby (or a pig, if Ken has his way) who needs nap everyday :p.

So yesterday, it was routine as usual. EXCEPT ..... there's a slight deviation. A back massage had been thrown in :DDD.

Haha ...... I don't know what's up with Meg yesterday but she bestowed on me the royalty treatment. When I sat in front of the PC, she asked if my back hurt. (My back tortures me on a daily basis.) So I replied, "A little." Next thing I know, she asked me to shift my back and then placed a pillow behind me. Whoa!

After I am done with the PC, Meg asked me to close my eyes and led me into my bedroom. Guess what? She had pulled my duvet back and bed is all ready for sleep. And she's also laid out my jammies on the bed for me to change into. I was so chocked up by her thoughtful gesture.

After changing and lying down in bed, Meg checked if I wanted the aircon on, curtains drawn and door closed. Haha ...... she took care of every single detail! But that's not all, she brought out the Yoko Yoko (ointment for my backache) and proceeded to apply it for me. All the time checking that she's got the correct spot. Once that's completed, she left the room quietly so that I can sleep. None of her usual, "play with me" or "can you help me do this".

I was extremely touched and I told her so. I told her that I've got the best daughter in the whole wide world and meant every word I said. I don't know what I've done to deserve her. Meg's the single best treasure that the world can offer me. Everyday I wake up telling myself I am the luckiest mum. This, I told her too. It totally made my day seeing her beaming from my praises.

Ah ...... yes ...... this is life, nothing can get better than this. *contented smile*


  1. Meg is so sweet.. she's really mature for her age. ;)

    - jan -

  2. Awww... So sweet of your little girl :) She sure know how to melt your heart.

    A very blessed Christmas to you and all at home :)

  3. You have been blessed with such a sweet daughter! =)

    Anyway Merry X'mas to u & your family!!

  4. Wishing all of you babes & your loved ones, a very merry Christmas filled with warmth & happiness!!! *muacks*


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