Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kangoo Jumps ...... boing ~~ boing~~

"*Groans* ....... Must I really go?" I thought lazily as I opened my eyes from a languid Saturday siesta. Automatically, my brain snapped into hyper-frenzy mode, coming up with a gazillion excuses so that I can return to my beauty sleep.

This campaign is a 3 months long campaign which aims to encourage women to actively participate in various sports.
Based on their criteria, we have selected you as a blogger to join us, along with 14 other female Nuffnang bloggers you to be part of a fun and exciting event hosted by Singapore Sports Council, called the Kangoo Jump, a new sports what will bring endless health benefits to you.
We hope that we can come join us in this fun-filled event. You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member along if you wish.

Then realisation sank in that I had invited Erykca. With the possibility of endless taunting looming in my face, sleep didn't seem as enticing as before. She was really looking forward to this.

And hence, I half-dragged myself to meet up with the Nuffnang folks at Kangoo Jumps ( located in Playground @ Big Splash (pic courtesy from Sandy's FB). Haha ..... but guess what? By the time my feet slipped into a pair of KJ, my "half-dragged" had literally transformed into "a spring in my steps"!

I had been seriously worried (look at my apprehensive smile) that everyone was going to have a field day laughing at my klutziness. But the moment I stood up in them, all apprehension melted away. Woohoo ...... this stuff was easy, I could certainly get use to this! No wonder the signage states that KJs are suitable for all ages, from 6 to 90+!

In fact, there's a whole lot more packed into the sport than what it seems. KJ shoes are the world's lowest impact shoes by reducing impact shock up to 80%. They provide the very best protection to your ankles, knees, hips lower back & spine. You know what that means? You will never have an excuse not to exercise! Haha .... not quite :p It meant that those who had to give up sports for good due to chronic joint problems, can now jog or exercise again. Isn't it just awesome?

And for those like me, who thinks that jogging is pure chore, you will be pleasantly surprise to know you can incorporate your KJ with various fitness workouts. Some programs offered by Kangoo Jumps are; Kangoo TTR (Trim, Tone & Rhythm), Kangoo Power, Kangoo Kick, Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Running Clinic and Kangoo Discovery. Bet you never knew you can do so much with a simple pair of KJ, right?

We're all a little worried that we might not be able to stand up later

But the very minute I stood up, I was ready to rock & roll! Easily done *smug smile* :D

Our instructor - Zheng Rong

He asked if I wanted to change into sports attire. -__-"' (I must have looked very bimbotic. *embarrassment*) Then I told him it's actually "hidden shorts".

Being briefed on KJs & it's various fitness programs

Erykca's amazed at how liberated the KJs made her feel

Trying out some of the smooth moves & trying not to make too much of a fool out of ourselves :p

Pretty evident that I was wildly ecstatic about KJs .....haha ......
Heading towards the beach to try out Kangoo Boot Camp for ourselves. Another huge versatility is that KJs can can used on all terrains, be it indoors, dirt paths, grass, beach or even on snow.

Erykca jogging bouncing off into the beautiful sunset

Hip blogger mummies & friends - Charmaine, Jaclyn, Sandy, Erykca & Zheng Rong
Photo break time! (Zheng Rong knows we want to look glam for our blogs & tries not to work us too hard :p) Erykca & I tried out different moves to see how it looks on print.
Erykca says I look spastic -__-"
Here's Erykca looking good
Here's me looking bad ....... guess I have to concur with her *sadness*
Obstacle course?!!
Had to hop on 1 foot

Here's the part that I failed miserably
Skipping rope

Now let's watch Erykca
She went through it all extremely well!

Hadn't imagined that I can last the entire hour but it certainly helps to have a cute instructor to motivate you .......Wahahaha!!!

Totally beat but totally fun! Haven't given my dear ol' heart a good workout in a long time :D

At the end of the session, we were asked to fill up a feedback form and 1 of the question was whether we exercised and if no, why? The first answer that sprang to mind was "lazy" (so politically wrong) but instead I sheepishly wrote down "busy" (safe universal answer).

Well, let's face it, being a mum is a full time job.We're never going to find time if we don't make an effort to. Although it's a lot easier said than done. That's why I think the Singapore Sports Council came up with the campaign to encourage ladies to do sports, in particular mothers. They have a host of highly subsidized activities, like Martial Arts, Hatha Yoga & Fun Karting, that allows mum & kid to partake together. Nice! Go to their website ( to view their calendar of events.
So if you're at a loss as to where to bring your kids to this holiday, why not try KJs for some healthy family fun? It's also friendly on your pocket as rental is $10 for 1st hr & $5 subsequently. I know I'm definitely bringing Meg there! ;)


  1. Hey Esther, i've walked passed here quite a few times but didn't really want to try it.

    But after reading this post, i think i will organize a outing with my friends and try this out! Looks really fun =)

    Ans u wrote very well, very informative! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi June, you should most definitely try it! It's a lot of fun especially in a group where you can all laugh at each other :D But definitely not as difficult as it looks.

    Thanx so much for your kind compliments & encouragement. You've got a great blog yourself too! Wow all the food pics inside are making me drool :p

    Have fun!!!

  3. Look so fun! We have passed by the place many times but never have the courage to try it, especially not now :p Next time you should bring Meg along, I'm sure she will enjoy as much as you :)

    How's Meg doing? I'm sure she did well for her exams :)

  4. Lol .... yeah you probably can't try it now! But after you've delivered, I'd would suggest you try it. Very fun :D

    Thanx for asking about Meg, she did pretty well except Chinese :p She just managed to scrape through that & it totally pulled down her standings :( So now I've just engaged a private chinese tutor for her. Hopefully that will help to improve things.

    And as the school doesn't have exams in the 1st half of the year, this is her 1st time going through it. So lots of careless mistakes & also ran out of time. I certainly hope that she can do better next year when she's more prepared.

    Wow, your girl had done really well in school! Do you have any tips? I feel so awful. I only have 1 child & yet I can't seem to devote as much time as you to your 2 :p

    Btw, remember you told me about recommending me a swimming coach? I think it's high time I started Meg on swimming lessons already. Can you pls pass me the contact? Thanx so much! :D

  5. Would love to try that after I deliver :)

    I will reply you in facebook ya :)


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