Monday, November 28, 2005

Sentosa in the day & New Asia Bar in the night

Yesterday was an eventful Sunday. Not as eventful as I would like it to be but good enough.

It's Rene's last weekend in Singapore. He will be going back to UK on Wednesday. (Boo....hoo....Uniz) Therefore we decided to go get him some sun or he'll never see it again for months.

Thankfully despite that it was raining cats and dogs the entire week, Sunday turned out to be really sunny. But due to our dilly dallying, by the time we got to Sentosa, the sun has hidden behind the clouds. Therefore we didn't manage to get a tan. Instead we spent the entire afternoon constructing not a sand castle but something obscene! (look below)
And in the night we adjourned to New Asia Bar. We had the whole VIP lounge to ourselves and so we went completely over the top and got into a camera whoring (term borrowed from Jac) frenzy. I've got a whole load of photos to show off!
We celebrated Aunt Cynthia's (my mum's sis) birthday and Rene's name day. Apparently in Czechlovaskia, they have a date for each name. So the Czechs celebrate 2 birthdays, one is the actual birthday and the other is the name day. Interesting isn't it!
Let me talk no more and show off the photos instead.

Meg with her DaDa.

Me and my precious.
Isn't she gorgeous!
Meg left a trail of footprints in the sand which resembles a cat's.
Gorgeous babe.
So what are they busy constructing?

Can you tell what is it now? Obscene! Ken constructed a small one first then decided to upgrade it to one that's really humongous!

Ken looking really proud of his appendage!

Ken, Erica & Rene swam over to the "island" across our stretch of beach.

Uniz & Rene.

Me & my sweetheart.
Showing off our similar tattoos.
My 2 sweethearts.
Saw a gigantic grasshopper on our car when we were leaving & we couldn't resist taking a pic of it.
Ken & Erica on the way to New Asia Bar.
Camera whoring of course!
Me & Mum.
More camera whoring!
Using an open shutter, trying to capture the beautiful night scene below.
Most wonderful view!
Mum with her 3 daughters.
Any resemblance?
We forced Rene to sing a Czech birthday song.
Totally embarrassed thereafter!
Birthday boy & girl.
Mum & I .
Just before we leave New Asia Bar.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Class of 1969

1969??!! Of course not. It's just that I have no idea (& too lazy to count back) which year they are from.
Who? From where?
Okay........ bad start. Let me try to clear the air now after muddling everyone up.
Ken's primary school classmates were down at our place for their gathering last Saturday. Isn't it amazing! How many of us actually keep in close contact with our secondary schoolmates, least to say primary school.
I think not only Ken but the rest had a pretty good time too (hopefully!) Everyone had great laughs reminiscing about the good old times and pouring over their old photos and autograph books. What is truly commendable is that they actually look through the autograph books in our house, then call up the ones that have not been in contact. Even more remarkable, is that some do actually turn up despite the last minute call.
What true spirits!
As for me, I was busy with the preparations the entire day. I woke up early to do the marketing, cooking and then cleaned up the house. If you want to witness a miracle, you've seen it. Cooking and cleaning up the house??!! That's almost unheard of from Esther Low. But yes I've done it, all in the hope of making Ken feel proud of me. Well you know the old chinese saying " chu de liao ting tang, jing de liao chu fang." (Translates: a woman that is not only presentable but also able to do household chores as well.)
Puhleese!!! What era are we in now? Why am I still gabbling on about traditional thoughts like that?
Such is the power of love. So much for feminism.

The cute little girl is also called 'MIKO'. She is soooo adorable!

In case you happen to see this and identify them as your primary school classmates, please email me & I'll link you up with them. I know they are still searching for the other lost members.



Meg found a friend in Faith.

Wrecking havoc on our bed.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Clinic's 40th Anniversary

I'm having a splitting headache right now. It's so bad that I think I might actually feel better if I was pounding my head against the wall.
I just came back from my ex-clinic's 40th anniversary bash held in Shangrila. I could't register much of what happened there as my head was hurting so bad during the entire time. I really am not up to blogging right now and there's nothing much to blog about anyway. Other than the joy of meeting up with my beloved ex-colleagues, the entire party was pretty crappy. All there was throughout, was lots of political yakking and even more hypocritical smiling.
A whole bunch of fakes - oh yeah me included.

The dress code is traditional dress so I came in a saree. All those beautiful girls in red are the clinic staff.

With dear Liza & Christy.
Sweet Trista. (Oh guys, she's very eligible by the way)
Me & Paulyn.
Flanked by my 2 colleagues, Bernie & Wayne. (Interestingly, Wayne is Ken's childhood chum.)
Together with Zarina & Norlinda, we represent the 3 races well, don't we?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh...X'mas tree.....Oh......X'mas tree

Time really flies. In a twinkle of an eye, Christmas is round the corner again, signifying the closure of another year.

Weirdly though I'm not christian, Christmas never fails to give me a nice warm fuzzy kind of feeling. I think somehow, Christmas does that to most people.

Now it is even more so with me working in Orchard Road. The streets are lit with dazzling enchanting lights and the shops resplendent with captivating decors. From every shop window, an alluring tantalizing party dress peeps out. Sniff.....Sniff..... You can smell Christmas in the air. You can feel and absorb the holiday atmosphere.

The setting's perfect but with only one small glitch. Do you know what is it? The problem is that it's NOT holiday!!!

Putting up the X'mas tree at home.

Hanging the tinsel. (Oops.... forgot to take a pic of the end result)

Wrapping empty boxes and passing them off as presents.

I love it! The theme this year is blue & silver. Bless Uniz & Rene for doing most part of the decorating.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Still sick wor

I am on MC today. Actually I've got MC for the past 2 days already but there's no way I can miss the meeting, so no matter how sick I was, I had to drag myself there. I guess forcing myself to work instead of resting has slowed down the recovery process. Now still feeling awful and all I want to do is lie in bed and sleep.
Ken came down to the hotel yesterday, where the meeting was held, to wait for me. After that we proceeded to watch "flight plan" in Cineleisure. I must be one of the last few that has not watched this movie I think. I have heard so much about it and I was really looking forward to it.
For the benefit of those who has yet to watch it, it's about this mother who lost her daughter on the plane and how through sheer courage and love, managed to get her daughter back. Jodie Foster put up a commendable performance and I truly felt for her.
Perhaps it's also because I have a daughter as well. I'd be totally devastated and probably go out of my mind, if she was taken away from me. I had to fight real hard to hold back my tears and stop myself from jumping up and down when Jodie Foster finally managed to rescue her daughter. She did all this all on her own, mind you. One should never underestimate the magnitude of a mother's love.

I guess it's movie day for me because when we got home at night, we decided to glue ourselves to the google box and watch "Guess Who". The movie was totally hilarious, not slap-stick humour funny but really really funny (if you know what I mean). For those who hasn't watched it yet, I highly recommend the DVD.
I've actually got 2 days MC, today and tomorrow. I had initially intended to take only 1 day but now I am seriously contemplating if I should still call in sick tomorrow. Hmmmmmm...........

Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so gorgeous afterall

Finally it's my turn......... to be down with the flu. Arghhhh! I've watched everyone come down with it and just as I was congratulating myself on my strong immunity system, I've been struck with it at a perfect timing.

Perfect because tomorrow is the kick-off of my hospital's annual scientific meeting. This means my entire weekend is burnt and I have to work long hours with no time to rest. And I can't even take MC because tomorrow is the first time I am going to be showcase to all as the new marketing manager for the hospital.

The timing of my flu is so perfect that in fact it's been timed to coincide with my herm...herm... 'monthlies'. (If you know what I mean.)
PMS and flu symptoms must be the most lethal combination. The result is what I look like now: dark eye circles, blotchy pimply skin, severely chapped lips, dry mouth with stinky breath (eewwww!!!), and water retention (read = eye bags + full face + bloated rotund tummy). Urghh.....
Geez.......... this definitely help loads to my severely fast diminshing self-confidence.

Alright enough of my whining. Time for recap and look at some photos that I took this week.
I can see the Subaru challenge right from where I am sitting at my desk. Great view!
Met up with my beloved ex-colleagues and their boyfriend(s) for dinner on Monday.

Food galore at the "Rice Table" - an Indonesian restaurant.

I miss them SO MUCH!!!

Aiyoh, Faizal (is that the name?) you really need to improve on your photo-taking skills.

One last pic before we hit the road.

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