Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Class of 1969

1969??!! Of course not. It's just that I have no idea (& too lazy to count back) which year they are from.
Who? From where?
Okay........ bad start. Let me try to clear the air now after muddling everyone up.
Ken's primary school classmates were down at our place for their gathering last Saturday. Isn't it amazing! How many of us actually keep in close contact with our secondary schoolmates, least to say primary school.
I think not only Ken but the rest had a pretty good time too (hopefully!) Everyone had great laughs reminiscing about the good old times and pouring over their old photos and autograph books. What is truly commendable is that they actually look through the autograph books in our house, then call up the ones that have not been in contact. Even more remarkable, is that some do actually turn up despite the last minute call.
What true spirits!
As for me, I was busy with the preparations the entire day. I woke up early to do the marketing, cooking and then cleaned up the house. If you want to witness a miracle, you've seen it. Cooking and cleaning up the house??!! That's almost unheard of from Esther Low. But yes I've done it, all in the hope of making Ken feel proud of me. Well you know the old chinese saying " chu de liao ting tang, jing de liao chu fang." (Translates: a woman that is not only presentable but also able to do household chores as well.)
Puhleese!!! What era are we in now? Why am I still gabbling on about traditional thoughts like that?
Such is the power of love. So much for feminism.

The cute little girl is also called 'MIKO'. She is soooo adorable!

In case you happen to see this and identify them as your primary school classmates, please email me & I'll link you up with them. I know they are still searching for the other lost members.



Meg found a friend in Faith.

Wrecking havoc on our bed.

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