Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so gorgeous afterall

Finally it's my turn......... to be down with the flu. Arghhhh! I've watched everyone come down with it and just as I was congratulating myself on my strong immunity system, I've been struck with it at a perfect timing.

Perfect because tomorrow is the kick-off of my hospital's annual scientific meeting. This means my entire weekend is burnt and I have to work long hours with no time to rest. And I can't even take MC because tomorrow is the first time I am going to be showcase to all as the new marketing manager for the hospital.

The timing of my flu is so perfect that in fact it's been timed to coincide with my herm...herm... 'monthlies'. (If you know what I mean.)
PMS and flu symptoms must be the most lethal combination. The result is what I look like now: dark eye circles, blotchy pimply skin, severely chapped lips, dry mouth with stinky breath (eewwww!!!), and water retention (read = eye bags + full face + bloated rotund tummy). Urghh.....
Geez.......... this definitely help loads to my severely fast diminshing self-confidence.

Alright enough of my whining. Time for recap and look at some photos that I took this week.
I can see the Subaru challenge right from where I am sitting at my desk. Great view!
Met up with my beloved ex-colleagues and their boyfriend(s) for dinner on Monday.

Food galore at the "Rice Table" - an Indonesian restaurant.

I miss them SO MUCH!!!

Aiyoh, Faizal (is that the name?) you really need to improve on your photo-taking skills.

One last pic before we hit the road.

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