Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh...X'mas tree.....Oh......X'mas tree

Time really flies. In a twinkle of an eye, Christmas is round the corner again, signifying the closure of another year.

Weirdly though I'm not christian, Christmas never fails to give me a nice warm fuzzy kind of feeling. I think somehow, Christmas does that to most people.

Now it is even more so with me working in Orchard Road. The streets are lit with dazzling enchanting lights and the shops resplendent with captivating decors. From every shop window, an alluring tantalizing party dress peeps out. Sniff.....Sniff..... You can smell Christmas in the air. You can feel and absorb the holiday atmosphere.

The setting's perfect but with only one small glitch. Do you know what is it? The problem is that it's NOT holiday!!!

Putting up the X'mas tree at home.

Hanging the tinsel. (Oops.... forgot to take a pic of the end result)

Wrapping empty boxes and passing them off as presents.

I love it! The theme this year is blue & silver. Bless Uniz & Rene for doing most part of the decorating.

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