Monday, November 28, 2005

Sentosa in the day & New Asia Bar in the night

Yesterday was an eventful Sunday. Not as eventful as I would like it to be but good enough.

It's Rene's last weekend in Singapore. He will be going back to UK on Wednesday. (Boo....hoo....Uniz) Therefore we decided to go get him some sun or he'll never see it again for months.

Thankfully despite that it was raining cats and dogs the entire week, Sunday turned out to be really sunny. But due to our dilly dallying, by the time we got to Sentosa, the sun has hidden behind the clouds. Therefore we didn't manage to get a tan. Instead we spent the entire afternoon constructing not a sand castle but something obscene! (look below)
And in the night we adjourned to New Asia Bar. We had the whole VIP lounge to ourselves and so we went completely over the top and got into a camera whoring (term borrowed from Jac) frenzy. I've got a whole load of photos to show off!
We celebrated Aunt Cynthia's (my mum's sis) birthday and Rene's name day. Apparently in Czechlovaskia, they have a date for each name. So the Czechs celebrate 2 birthdays, one is the actual birthday and the other is the name day. Interesting isn't it!
Let me talk no more and show off the photos instead.

Meg with her DaDa.

Me and my precious.
Isn't she gorgeous!
Meg left a trail of footprints in the sand which resembles a cat's.
Gorgeous babe.
So what are they busy constructing?

Can you tell what is it now? Obscene! Ken constructed a small one first then decided to upgrade it to one that's really humongous!

Ken looking really proud of his appendage!

Ken, Erica & Rene swam over to the "island" across our stretch of beach.

Uniz & Rene.

Me & my sweetheart.
Showing off our similar tattoos.
My 2 sweethearts.
Saw a gigantic grasshopper on our car when we were leaving & we couldn't resist taking a pic of it.
Ken & Erica on the way to New Asia Bar.
Camera whoring of course!
Me & Mum.
More camera whoring!
Using an open shutter, trying to capture the beautiful night scene below.
Most wonderful view!
Mum with her 3 daughters.
Any resemblance?
We forced Rene to sing a Czech birthday song.
Totally embarrassed thereafter!
Birthday boy & girl.
Mum & I .
Just before we leave New Asia Bar.

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