Friday, November 04, 2005

Ice skating

I tried yet another new stuff yesterday - ice skating. I'm not new to ice skating but I have never been good to start with and haven't done it in a long while now.
Megan is new to ice skating though and this she positively loves it. She had a really good time and thus looked extremely disappointed when it's time to go home. Other than the actual act of ice skating itself, I believe the other reason why she enjoyed herself was the company that she had. Aunty Mary, Aunty Jac, Aunty May, Chermaine, Stephanie, Elizabeth, and Jonathan, they were all such good sport and fun.
Megan was initially very scared when on the ice but gradually she managed to overcome her fear. In the end, she wouldn't even allow me to guide and lead her. However there was 1 person that she allowed to bring her around: Jonathan. Megan was absolutely fascinated with Jonathan! She listened intensely to every word he says and looks for him each time he wanders far from her.
Hahaha...... This, I use to my absolute advantage. *Gleefully rubs hands* Now whenever Megan misbehaves and throws tantrums, I tell her that she's acting like a baby. And the trick is to add that big boys like gor gor Jonathan don't like to play with babies. This works really well and is usually enough to get her to behave. Bless Jonathan.
After ice skating, most of us head back to Aunty Jac's place to chill out and have dinner. Meg luurves jie jie Elizabeth's 'big girl's' room and had loads of fun hanging around Jonathan somemore. I must say that it's been a fun-filled day for Megan.

We are wearing the same top.
With her idol, gor gor Jonathan.

Stephanie, Chermaine, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Megan & me.
Meg falling down.
Both of us struggling to balance.
Elizabeth kept saying Meg is soooo cute!
So do we look alike?

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