Saturday, November 19, 2005

Clinic's 40th Anniversary

I'm having a splitting headache right now. It's so bad that I think I might actually feel better if I was pounding my head against the wall.
I just came back from my ex-clinic's 40th anniversary bash held in Shangrila. I could't register much of what happened there as my head was hurting so bad during the entire time. I really am not up to blogging right now and there's nothing much to blog about anyway. Other than the joy of meeting up with my beloved ex-colleagues, the entire party was pretty crappy. All there was throughout, was lots of political yakking and even more hypocritical smiling.
A whole bunch of fakes - oh yeah me included.

The dress code is traditional dress so I came in a saree. All those beautiful girls in red are the clinic staff.

With dear Liza & Christy.
Sweet Trista. (Oh guys, she's very eligible by the way)
Me & Paulyn.
Flanked by my 2 colleagues, Bernie & Wayne. (Interestingly, Wayne is Ken's childhood chum.)
Together with Zarina & Norlinda, we represent the 3 races well, don't we?

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