Monday, November 14, 2005

Still sick wor

I am on MC today. Actually I've got MC for the past 2 days already but there's no way I can miss the meeting, so no matter how sick I was, I had to drag myself there. I guess forcing myself to work instead of resting has slowed down the recovery process. Now still feeling awful and all I want to do is lie in bed and sleep.
Ken came down to the hotel yesterday, where the meeting was held, to wait for me. After that we proceeded to watch "flight plan" in Cineleisure. I must be one of the last few that has not watched this movie I think. I have heard so much about it and I was really looking forward to it.
For the benefit of those who has yet to watch it, it's about this mother who lost her daughter on the plane and how through sheer courage and love, managed to get her daughter back. Jodie Foster put up a commendable performance and I truly felt for her.
Perhaps it's also because I have a daughter as well. I'd be totally devastated and probably go out of my mind, if she was taken away from me. I had to fight real hard to hold back my tears and stop myself from jumping up and down when Jodie Foster finally managed to rescue her daughter. She did all this all on her own, mind you. One should never underestimate the magnitude of a mother's love.

I guess it's movie day for me because when we got home at night, we decided to glue ourselves to the google box and watch "Guess Who". The movie was totally hilarious, not slap-stick humour funny but really really funny (if you know what I mean). For those who hasn't watched it yet, I highly recommend the DVD.
I've actually got 2 days MC, today and tomorrow. I had initially intended to take only 1 day but now I am seriously contemplating if I should still call in sick tomorrow. Hmmmmmm...........

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