Sunday, June 25, 2006

A heart warming moment

Meg came up to me last night and told me that she didn't like her face. I was really amused and thought that she's a tad bit too young to be going through this.
I raised my eyeybrow and asked her "So who's face do you like?"
"Your face" she naively replied. "I want to look just like you."
At that moment, my heart melted and I felt extremely proud. I have been doing ok as a mother afterall. She actually wants to be me!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My 30th birthday

I know many of you were waiting to see the photos taken during my birthday. I am extremely sorry that I took this long to do it. Like I said, I am having serious problem loading the photos on blogger.

Well for those who are expecting to see "happening" birthday photos taken in Devils Bar, I am afraid I have to disappoint you all. I am quite unlike my other DBB counterparts, especially in terms of my age. Haha..... self-destruct.......

Gone are my clubbing days and Ken had managed to persuade me to have a small family gathering instead. Therefore we decided to have a barbecue at my mum's house instead. I am so glad that I was allowed to be swayed by Ken. It's definitely a whole lot more meaningful celebrating it with those who cares most about me.

Look at the photos and see if you can tell how loved and fortunate I felt.

Darling Megan drew a beautiful birthday card for me

Ewww..... what a mess! (That's charcoal if you hadn't realised by now)

My darling who gallantly offered to be the barbecuer (if there's such a word) for the night

Aunty Mary specially made some sinfully delicious Tiramisu and everyone was clamouring for the recipe

All my beloved darlings , Miko included (fyi - Miko is Ju's dog).

A gift wrapped in newspaper & a card made from coaster. Creative thoughts from Erica & her boyfriend. Beneath the wrapping lies a most wonderful gift - a collector's edition of an illustrated Da Vinci Code! Arr... my sis knows me well :)

A most yummy & classy Belgian chocolate cake from Uniz & Rene. This sis knows me well too:) But note how she purposely puts my age on the cake........ In fact look back up on the previous photo and note how the word 'old' stands out on the coaster. Geez what's with both my sisters??!!

The girls in my family
This is the other family that I have come to love so much too
Can't see the cake
Alright we can see the cake now but we're not looking at the camera
Now all the boyfriends in please

With my favourite aunty & uncle - Aunt Cynthia & Uncle Terence (who's also my faithful reader)
With dearie Megan

Meg helping me out with the cake cutting
M&M - Megan & Miko!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wish me happy birthday!

I am back at home at this hour on a working day.
The beauty of it is that I am not on mc nor on leave and I am not skiving either. That's cos I knock off officially at 4pm on a Friday! Today's even better because we had an event in Laguna country club and I am allowed to go off from there. What else can I say but I love my job! :)
Tomorrow's my birthday. ~Sigh~ The big 3 looms in my face. It's kinda hard to face it that I am in the 30s club now. I draw comfort from the thought that at least I can tell myself I am wiser :p
Siesta time. I need to clock my hours of beauty sleep.

P.S. Wish me happy birthday!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

29th Wedding Anniversary

More photos uploaded........ Geez what's wrong with blogger nowadays? I always seems to have problem uploading them. Do you guys have this problem?

In the MRT on the way to dinner with Ken's folks. The occasion? To celebrate his parent's 29th wedding anniversary and father's day. Evidently, we hardly took the train together and went overboard with the photo taking.

At the new Jumbo restaurant in Safra Country Club
So heartwarming :)

I really hope that we can remain as loving as his parents
Hitched a ride on the buggy
Observe Meg's standard victory sign pose

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life's great

Just wanted to drop a quick note to tell everyone that I am doing fine. (Just in case all of you forget about me.) Have been neglecting my blog as I'm kinda caught up with my new work and keeping Megan company. One of the reason that I've switched job is so that I can hopefully spend more time with her and I am finally doing it. In regards to the new job, I am enjoying myself very much so far. Right now in all aspects of my life, I am doing very well. In fact, it couldn't have been more perfect than now :)

Well gotta run, but not before I upload the photos that I had problems uploading last week.

Met up with my beloved TKGS classmates (I really miss those times in school)

Dear Shirley and Ruiyi

Sweet Shirley secretly slipped off to buy each of us a cake. Our birthdays are mere days apart. With the other 2 birthday girls - Celeste & Ailian *Boo hoo ~ all of us are 30 now*
Proudly showing of my cake
Can't resist putting up this clip of lovable Megan before I end

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yet another last day

Today is my last day at work. It seems not long ago when I announced previously in this blog that it was my last day at work. In less than a year, I am switching job again. Although the switch was for a better offer but it doesn't help ease my anxiety one bit. I am obviously getting too old for this job hopping sh*t. The strains are showing on my face. My heart isn't taking this too well either. I am a nervous wreck.

I should actually be delirious with joy because I have finally left that hell hole and that ass of a manager. But due to the fact that I have to commit to a car and undertake a whole new job scope, has left me very unsettled. Now that I am finally out of the company, has further propelled my anxiety.

The other incident that had left a sour taste in my mouth before I left the company, is that I have to buy a new Blackberry to replace the one I have lost. Through no fault of mine. It's not even my bloody blackberry by the way. A real long story but the gist of it is that I have got a damn useless manager who in turn attributed me to having to bear the brunt of the lost Blackberry. The thing that really gets to me is that instead of asking me to pay the cost of the Blackberry, they want me to go purchase a new one and return it to them. The difference in cost of a Blackberry for one with plan and without plan is a whooping $500! It just doesn't make any sense (the part about not letting me pay the cost). In any case, I am still insisting my ground and till this is sorted out, they are going to hold back my pay.

I hadn't meant to set the pace of this post to be so depressing. The intial plan was to blog about how happy I am to get out but all just came tumbling out. Let's switch tack now and look at something pleasing and happy instead - some photos that I took over the week.

Our 2nd healthy Sunday. This time round we went golfing instead.

I love them so!
Ju & Mar started to zi lian and so I did the same
Thanks to Uncle Thomas & Aunty Mary for making this outing possible
Do we look pro?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mum's Birthday

I have got so much photos to post that I don't know where to start. Somehow the blog won't take so many photos in one post and therefore I have divided my one post into three instead.

We started our very first healthy weekend last Sunday. For those who have read Ju's blog, will know that we had a full day lined up last Sunday. But before I started the day with the girls, I went for Dim Sum in Toa Payoh with my family. It's to celebrate my mum's birthday.
On Tuesday, I brought Megan to watch the Hi-5 in the Singapore Expo.
Alright, I don't have enough time to elaborate. Look at the photos and try to decipher all the events for yourselves okay?

My beloved mum and daughter

Meg is the apple of her grandparents' eyes
I made Meg walk around the table to take photos with everyone
Brazil supporters (well for me, it's actually more a fashion statement)

Our first healthy Sunday

Meg was the official shuttle cock "picker"
Meg having a go at badminton

Thomas & Ju
2 against 1 (Edmund & Ken against Thomas)
The other sweet little girl is Mar's niece,Irene
Both of them are the same age, plus both speaks Bahasa and so got on really well

Bikini babes at play
Having fun at the water slide
Impish Meg was terrorising Irene
Irene got extremely excited at the sight of an aerolpane

Both looking as sweet as candies
Adjourned to the pool table after badminton.
Celebrating my mum's birthday in the night with a cake. Irene looking positively at home.

Hi 5 Concert

Meg excitedly waiting for the concert to start

The super heroes of the day

Kids simply idolize them

My fav character is Kelly but a pity she's not there. Sun took her place instead. (Oh yes, I do like to watch them too :p)

Charlie is Meg's favourite character

Not leaving out Jup Jup of course

Meg standing right at the front and dancing to the groove with her idols

Posing proudly with her newly bought poms poms (remember that I mentioned in an old post about rips offs in these events?)

Trying to get a shot
This one's better but I need a haircut, don't you think?

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