Saturday, June 24, 2006

My 30th birthday

I know many of you were waiting to see the photos taken during my birthday. I am extremely sorry that I took this long to do it. Like I said, I am having serious problem loading the photos on blogger.

Well for those who are expecting to see "happening" birthday photos taken in Devils Bar, I am afraid I have to disappoint you all. I am quite unlike my other DBB counterparts, especially in terms of my age. Haha..... self-destruct.......

Gone are my clubbing days and Ken had managed to persuade me to have a small family gathering instead. Therefore we decided to have a barbecue at my mum's house instead. I am so glad that I was allowed to be swayed by Ken. It's definitely a whole lot more meaningful celebrating it with those who cares most about me.

Look at the photos and see if you can tell how loved and fortunate I felt.

Darling Megan drew a beautiful birthday card for me

Ewww..... what a mess! (That's charcoal if you hadn't realised by now)

My darling who gallantly offered to be the barbecuer (if there's such a word) for the night

Aunty Mary specially made some sinfully delicious Tiramisu and everyone was clamouring for the recipe

All my beloved darlings , Miko included (fyi - Miko is Ju's dog).

A gift wrapped in newspaper & a card made from coaster. Creative thoughts from Erica & her boyfriend. Beneath the wrapping lies a most wonderful gift - a collector's edition of an illustrated Da Vinci Code! Arr... my sis knows me well :)

A most yummy & classy Belgian chocolate cake from Uniz & Rene. This sis knows me well too:) But note how she purposely puts my age on the cake........ In fact look back up on the previous photo and note how the word 'old' stands out on the coaster. Geez what's with both my sisters??!!

The girls in my family
This is the other family that I have come to love so much too
Can't see the cake
Alright we can see the cake now but we're not looking at the camera
Now all the boyfriends in please

With my favourite aunty & uncle - Aunt Cynthia & Uncle Terence (who's also my faithful reader)
With dearie Megan

Meg helping me out with the cake cutting
M&M - Megan & Miko!

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