Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yet another last day

Today is my last day at work. It seems not long ago when I announced previously in this blog that it was my last day at work. In less than a year, I am switching job again. Although the switch was for a better offer but it doesn't help ease my anxiety one bit. I am obviously getting too old for this job hopping sh*t. The strains are showing on my face. My heart isn't taking this too well either. I am a nervous wreck.

I should actually be delirious with joy because I have finally left that hell hole and that ass of a manager. But due to the fact that I have to commit to a car and undertake a whole new job scope, has left me very unsettled. Now that I am finally out of the company, has further propelled my anxiety.

The other incident that had left a sour taste in my mouth before I left the company, is that I have to buy a new Blackberry to replace the one I have lost. Through no fault of mine. It's not even my bloody blackberry by the way. A real long story but the gist of it is that I have got a damn useless manager who in turn attributed me to having to bear the brunt of the lost Blackberry. The thing that really gets to me is that instead of asking me to pay the cost of the Blackberry, they want me to go purchase a new one and return it to them. The difference in cost of a Blackberry for one with plan and without plan is a whooping $500! It just doesn't make any sense (the part about not letting me pay the cost). In any case, I am still insisting my ground and till this is sorted out, they are going to hold back my pay.

I hadn't meant to set the pace of this post to be so depressing. The intial plan was to blog about how happy I am to get out but all just came tumbling out. Let's switch tack now and look at something pleasing and happy instead - some photos that I took over the week.

Our 2nd healthy Sunday. This time round we went golfing instead.

I love them so!
Ju & Mar started to zi lian and so I did the same
Thanks to Uncle Thomas & Aunty Mary for making this outing possible
Do we look pro?

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