Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our little boy named Woofie

I had recently been really bogged down as I had just sold my place & shifted in with my mum. I had initially hoped that after so much time away from you guys, I would have some joyful news to share but instead I bear bad tidings. I finally understood what one means by 'it never rains but pours'. My ...... what a thunderstorm .........

Just when I thought that things couldn't possibly get any lower and it's time things started looking up, Woofie was knocked down by a car on the 16th and passed away.

You couldn't imagine my helplessness while I cradled Woofie in my arms as he lay dying. There was nothing that I could do but watch him breathe his last. It was excruciating.

I had never loved him enough and I never gave him my time. He usually only had the domestic help for company. He was such a handful that I could never love him wholeheartedly. I was a horrid horrid mistress.

However all that changed when we shifted in to my mum's. The help had gone back to Indonesia and it landed on me to care for his needs. But as there were my sis, her boyfriend, my mum and dad to love him as well. It was a lot easier as he's not as attention-seeking as before. And as we now stay on the ground-floor, Meg was given the task to walk him everyday. This shift had brought all of us closer and made us love him more. But good time doesn't last, does it? And now all I had left are a bunch of photos and many sweet memories.

Now that he's gone, we like to speak about Woofie and recount many silly tales about him. He knows the hierarchy in the family & bullies them in that order. Whenever we call out to the help, he'll run towards her & bark to let her know we're calling for her. Even when the phone rings, he'll bark for her to pick up the phone.

He knew that it's easiest to steal food from Meg so whenever Meg's eating, he's there biding his time. I still remember when Meg was in kindergarten & I had to scream at him every morning because he'd steal her breakfast from right under her nose & make her cry! The bread can be in her hand but he'll jump up when she's not paying attention & grab it from her. Either that or her Milo drink was on the table & he'd hoist himself up to take a slurp from her cup.

It was an absolute embarrassment taking him out for walk because he behaved like he's never been out before. He'd be panting heavily & forging his way through. I'd shorten the leash so that he'd not able to take a single step in front of me but he still manages to forge ahead by hopping on his 2 hind legs. Imagine that .......... an excited hyperventilating dog hopping on 2 legs. Anyone wise enough would steer clear. And if that's not enough, he barks incessantly at everything. I'd raise my hands & strike him (gently) but he yelps like I was skinning him. That's because he knew that I'm terribly conscious about people looking and so he'd then get his way. But it's another story when my sis walks him. He knew that my sis couldn't be bothered about response from people so he just shuts up when warned.

I want to tell you that I am so sorry, Woofie. I am so sorry for what I had done and what I didn't do. I wish there was a way that I can make it up to you but it's all too late for me now. I don't usually regret things but this is one regret that I'll carry with me to my grave. I hope you're happy in doggie heaven and please know that in spite of what it seems, all of us do love you very very much. You'll always have a special place in our hearts and to sum it up very aptly, I'll quote Meg, "I'll never find another pet like you."

Here's baby Woofie in 2006 when we just brought him back from the breeder - he was so so so tiny back then. That little black fluff was only the size of my bedroom slipper
Look how he's grown 2 months down the road but still a black shaggy dog nonetheless A video showing Woofie being checked out by the 2 Peppers during CNY.

Woofie had a big thing for toys even up till now. He never went anywhere without them. When he gets out from his cage, he always makes sure he takes all of them with him. He'd always been such a baby and that never fails to amuse me even though his toys were strewn all over the house.
Here's him more grown up now and more a rascal than ever. Don't know where he found Meg's stickers and managed to get them all over his body. He's always been such a silly little boy :)
He bit a hole through his bed and we managed to catch a pic of him with his head through the hole. That was just way cute :DDDIn one of our rare outings to Sentosa. He lets us get away with anything & everything
I remembered I had a tough time washing the sand off himWoofie's 1st swim!

Meg's badly traumatized too. He was the brother she never had. I called him her 'DiDi' - little brother.
Here's when we just adopted Seraphina.
Woofie loves to annoy Seraphina but she doesn't hesitate boxing him in the face either
Woofie had plenty of fun when Pepper & Soba stayed over
I regretted that we didn't take more pics of Woofie. Here's the most recent one & that's taken almost 2 years ago :(I'll love you forever, my little boy. Mummy & Jie Jie misses you very much. Not a day goes by without us thinking about you.

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