Saturday, January 28, 2006

A fairytale wedding

A mega event took place last sunday. It's Noelle's Wedding! Just in case some of you don't know, Noelle is one of the DBB6 (Devils Bar Bitches 6) member and a great friend of mine. The other portfolio she holds is, Ken's secondary schoolmate. It's a small small world, isn't it?
I've been looking forward to the wedding because we've been discussing about it so much. Although I kinda fade off from the picture towards the end, it did not dampen my enthusiasm and I looked forward to it as much as I did before.
Noelle has known Jeff for many many years and I'm sure like all great loves, they must have gone through alot to stay together. Now that there's finally a happily ever after to their story, I couldn't be more happy for them.
Of course the other thing that I looked forward to at the wedding was a chance to catch up with the rest of the "bitches" (read top - not meant as vulgarity). I rarely have a chance to meet them as a group and they (the bitches) also know how much I misses them. We haven't done a group thinggy for so long. (Through no fault of theirs but mine.)

Ken & I had a lovely time. The wedding went really beautifully. Noelle had her band, AlterEgo, perform for us the entire night. They are good! Another thing about us living in a small world - Noelle's band mate, Clifford, was my classmate. From nursing school! You will never believe this cool guy is a nurse. (Sorry Cliff I don't know if this is meant to be a secret :p)

Noelle darling, I wish you and Jeff a lifetime of happiness with each other. Love you loads. *MUACKS*
My sweetheart
My 3 most beloved
Marilyn babe
Darling Juliana
Sweetie Kelly
Dear Miko - She' s really pretty that night!
Stunning bride Noelle
AlterEgo - The one on the extreme right with glasses is Clifford
The lovely pair - Noelle and Jeff
Noelle singing to Jeff
Looks yummy?? You won't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole. Look at the egg shell next to that dubious cocktail.
Jeff refuses to succumb to that cocktail and turned around made everyone drink instead. Poor Ken is the worse victim.
Me with the DBB6 - We rock!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Our new family member

There's been a recent new addition to our family. No I did not get pregnant, thank you very much....... We've got ourselves a puppy!

Woofie is a black mini schnauzer and everyone is just going ga-ga over him. (With the exception of the maid) He is one and a half month old and totally ADORABLE!

All of a sudden, now I find that to wake Megan up in the morning to go to school is not so difficult afterall. She hears him yelp in the morning and she just can't wait to wake up to play with him. Arrr....such a bliss not to have to listen to her throw tantrums in the morning. (I wish this phenomenon will never end but sadly I know it'll never come true.)

Actually Meg wants to call the puppy "Gooey". God knows where she came up with this name. In the end, we compromised and picked a name out of one of her cartoon character and named him "Woofie".

I've been really proud of Megan because she kept her promise of cleaning up after the puppy including the poo. I know everyone is going to tell me not to get too happy too soon because this is going to be short-lived (just like the early morning wake-up episodes). But I'm still proud all the same because given her obsessive compulsive behaviour (at least it seems like that to me), she actually managed to clean dog's poo without flinching.

The other person that's utterly besotted is Ken. He's been acting real paternal. I take my hats off him because he's definitely more attentive to Woofie way more than I am. I love seeing that look on his face whenever he looks at Woofie. I can't really describe it but it's just so doting and loving.

This little bundle of joy has liven up the house and changed the atmosphere. I can definitely feel more love all around now. So now other than Meg, I'll have another baby to blog about.

Proudly presenting Woofie

Ken with his pride and joy
Sleepy head has finally open his eyes
Make a wild guess what's that black lump on my bedroom slippers
After he's gotten use to us, he's really playful now
Sleeping again

Monday, January 16, 2006

Uncle Thomas' Birthday

It's been a long while since I last post. Been suffering from writer's block for the longest time. I'm not too sure if I've got my inspiration back but I do know that I've got to try blogging again somehow. So just bear with me if things just don't sound quite right ok?
I'm sorry if I've caused some of you to worry about me with my previous post (I've taken that down). I'm perfectly alright now. Things aren't really that bad but it always seem like the end of the world at the time when a problem occurs. Blogging being the first avenue where I vent my frustrations, words tends to run away with me. I can't help it if I'm a drama mama sometimes :p
We celebrated Uncle Thomas' (Ken's dad) birthday last night. But prior to that, we went to take a walk around Chinatown in the afternoon. Chinatown was really crowded! As Meg was whining about the heat, we didn't manage to do much Chinese New Year shopping. But I did manage to get Megan 2 cheongsams though. You'll have to wait for new year to see how Meg look in her new clothes! In the end, Ken and I decided that we'll go down there again on our own so that we can actually get some shopping done.
At night, we adjourned to a Sze Chuan restaurant in.......... hmmmm which hotel is it now? Park Plaza Royal I think. Thank goodness Megan was alot more cooperative during the night and managed to entertain us non-stop. I ate so much that I thought I was going to puke while riding in the car.
That's about as much as I can write for now. Definitely not recovered from my writer's block yet..............

Posing in front of Chinatown Point. I enlarged this pic so that you can see how awful Meg was sitting. I nearly fainted after taking the pic and realised that's the way she's been sitting.
I made her sit properly and took another shot. (Not much better but still an improvement.)
In Funan Centre - Ken made sure that I zoomed in on the phrase that says 'bu bu gao shen'.
I love the dry ice effect! (So does Megan)
Did I ever mention how much I love being part of Ken's family?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Megan's 1st day in kindergarten

Caught up in the buzz of the festive season and I've therefore ended up procrastinating on my work. Now that I am finally mentally back at work, the severity of the backlog hits me full in the face. There are piles and piles of report stacking up and just as soon as I finish one, I find that there's another one due.

I really should be working out my marketing strategies now instead of blogging but I just couldn't resist telling you all about Meg's 1st day in kindergarten 1 yesterday. Hmmm.... it's weird how I suffer from writer's block when it comes to writing my reports but yet seems to recover fully when I am blogging.

However I am not going to give myself the luxury of going on and on. I'll just post the photos and be done with it. But not before I announce to the whole world what a proud mother I am!

Took a day off work yesterday to accompany Meg for her 1st day in Kindergarten 1.
Saying prayers with the teacher before the start of class. I heard from one of the parent that she's one of the best in school. what a relief! (Kiasu mother on the loose again.)
I am just so glad that she's been allocated to the same class as her buddies. You can't imagine how close knit these 3 girls are. More than half the class from last year are now in the same class but none of them are in a clique like theirs. From left: Megan, Gwen, Rebecca
Indeed numbers are power..... they were chanting "Michael is a dirty fellow" and poor Michael didn't even utter a word!

She can barely sit still and pay attention......... look at her hands!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

In the wee hours of 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

Please pardon me if I sounded nonsensical in this post. Afterall it's 3am in the morning and that's after many many drinks (all I'm seeing is stars now************) :p

Nothing much to blog really but just couldn't resist logging in to wish all a fruitful 2006.

I started my drinking session in the office today whereby my boss generously opened a few bottles of really good champange. A great way to end the year I must say - the champange was exceptionally good!

And after slagging at home the entire afternoon, Ken & I went to Gulp's place for the new year countdown. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of steamboat and then the guys proceeded to watch soccer while the girls watched DVDs in the room. We watched 'Amityville Horror' (my 2nd time watching it) and 'the Dukes of Hazard' (super boring show). I am sorry I don't have much photos to share this time round (I kinda forgot about going round to take photos). As for the countdown, we sat in front of the TV and countdown together with Gurmit Singh and watched the beautiful fireworks on TV. And before parting, all the girls sat down to play a game of five-tens while the guys looked on. It was a mistake making the guys pour drinks for us because they were pouring neat Martell. (You should see my face now - red like a lobster.)

When the party disbanded, a few of the hardcores adjourned to my place to play mahjong. It seems like our lives never fail to revolve around mahjong during festivities and gathering. Just imagine how boring would life be if mahjong wasn't invented!
Staring at the computer screen is making my head spin and therefore I think it's prudent that I should go lie down in bed soon. Goodnight dear all!
I hereby wish all a prosperous 2006 and may all your heart desires come true.

Yummy yummy steamboat!!! (slurp slurp)

I don't know what's up with our photo-taking skills today. 3/4 of the pics has turned out blurry.
All captivated by the TV.
Pic is hot off the camera. As I am typing this, they are still playing mahjong.

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