Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Megan's 1st day in kindergarten

Caught up in the buzz of the festive season and I've therefore ended up procrastinating on my work. Now that I am finally mentally back at work, the severity of the backlog hits me full in the face. There are piles and piles of report stacking up and just as soon as I finish one, I find that there's another one due.

I really should be working out my marketing strategies now instead of blogging but I just couldn't resist telling you all about Meg's 1st day in kindergarten 1 yesterday. Hmmm.... it's weird how I suffer from writer's block when it comes to writing my reports but yet seems to recover fully when I am blogging.

However I am not going to give myself the luxury of going on and on. I'll just post the photos and be done with it. But not before I announce to the whole world what a proud mother I am!

Took a day off work yesterday to accompany Meg for her 1st day in Kindergarten 1.
Saying prayers with the teacher before the start of class. I heard from one of the parent that she's one of the best in school. what a relief! (Kiasu mother on the loose again.)
I am just so glad that she's been allocated to the same class as her buddies. You can't imagine how close knit these 3 girls are. More than half the class from last year are now in the same class but none of them are in a clique like theirs. From left: Megan, Gwen, Rebecca
Indeed numbers are power..... they were chanting "Michael is a dirty fellow" and poor Michael didn't even utter a word!

She can barely sit still and pay attention......... look at her hands!

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