Saturday, January 28, 2006

A fairytale wedding

A mega event took place last sunday. It's Noelle's Wedding! Just in case some of you don't know, Noelle is one of the DBB6 (Devils Bar Bitches 6) member and a great friend of mine. The other portfolio she holds is, Ken's secondary schoolmate. It's a small small world, isn't it?
I've been looking forward to the wedding because we've been discussing about it so much. Although I kinda fade off from the picture towards the end, it did not dampen my enthusiasm and I looked forward to it as much as I did before.
Noelle has known Jeff for many many years and I'm sure like all great loves, they must have gone through alot to stay together. Now that there's finally a happily ever after to their story, I couldn't be more happy for them.
Of course the other thing that I looked forward to at the wedding was a chance to catch up with the rest of the "bitches" (read top - not meant as vulgarity). I rarely have a chance to meet them as a group and they (the bitches) also know how much I misses them. We haven't done a group thinggy for so long. (Through no fault of theirs but mine.)

Ken & I had a lovely time. The wedding went really beautifully. Noelle had her band, AlterEgo, perform for us the entire night. They are good! Another thing about us living in a small world - Noelle's band mate, Clifford, was my classmate. From nursing school! You will never believe this cool guy is a nurse. (Sorry Cliff I don't know if this is meant to be a secret :p)

Noelle darling, I wish you and Jeff a lifetime of happiness with each other. Love you loads. *MUACKS*
My sweetheart
My 3 most beloved
Marilyn babe
Darling Juliana
Sweetie Kelly
Dear Miko - She' s really pretty that night!
Stunning bride Noelle
AlterEgo - The one on the extreme right with glasses is Clifford
The lovely pair - Noelle and Jeff
Noelle singing to Jeff
Looks yummy?? You won't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole. Look at the egg shell next to that dubious cocktail.
Jeff refuses to succumb to that cocktail and turned around made everyone drink instead. Poor Ken is the worse victim.
Me with the DBB6 - We rock!

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