Sunday, January 01, 2006

In the wee hours of 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

Please pardon me if I sounded nonsensical in this post. Afterall it's 3am in the morning and that's after many many drinks (all I'm seeing is stars now************) :p

Nothing much to blog really but just couldn't resist logging in to wish all a fruitful 2006.

I started my drinking session in the office today whereby my boss generously opened a few bottles of really good champange. A great way to end the year I must say - the champange was exceptionally good!

And after slagging at home the entire afternoon, Ken & I went to Gulp's place for the new year countdown. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of steamboat and then the guys proceeded to watch soccer while the girls watched DVDs in the room. We watched 'Amityville Horror' (my 2nd time watching it) and 'the Dukes of Hazard' (super boring show). I am sorry I don't have much photos to share this time round (I kinda forgot about going round to take photos). As for the countdown, we sat in front of the TV and countdown together with Gurmit Singh and watched the beautiful fireworks on TV. And before parting, all the girls sat down to play a game of five-tens while the guys looked on. It was a mistake making the guys pour drinks for us because they were pouring neat Martell. (You should see my face now - red like a lobster.)

When the party disbanded, a few of the hardcores adjourned to my place to play mahjong. It seems like our lives never fail to revolve around mahjong during festivities and gathering. Just imagine how boring would life be if mahjong wasn't invented!
Staring at the computer screen is making my head spin and therefore I think it's prudent that I should go lie down in bed soon. Goodnight dear all!
I hereby wish all a prosperous 2006 and may all your heart desires come true.

Yummy yummy steamboat!!! (slurp slurp)

I don't know what's up with our photo-taking skills today. 3/4 of the pics has turned out blurry.
All captivated by the TV.
Pic is hot off the camera. As I am typing this, they are still playing mahjong.

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