Friday, December 30, 2005

'Nuff said

I guess I have spoken too much. If I don't watch it, I might have to suffer the same fate as my 2 darlings and have to resort to closing my blog. I want to thank the annonymous person who left a tag to caution me. I have therefore taken down that post where this whole topic about my employment came up.
Cowardly? - Yes, afterall the gist of it all was that I didn't want to lose my job remember.
I owe an apology to Chloe as well. I know that you meant well and I have taken it too strongly. I am just this huge egomaniac and don't take too well to criticism. I am sorry for reacting that way and I hope you accept my apologies.
And to all the other well-wishers like Angeline, st@r and Serene, I want all of you to know that I am truly touched by your concern and how seeing the tag board has made my day.
This is a turbulent period for me but I would like to reassure everyone that I will take everything in stride and keep on smiling. :)

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