Monday, December 19, 2005

Ken's primary school X'mas gathering

Do you still remember Ken's primary school mates? They were at our place again yesterday for a X'mas gathering. Don't you just admire the camaraderie they share. More peolple turn up this time round inspite of the fact that it's so close to the festive season and many are usually preoccupied at this time of the year.
I, myself, have a hard time just trying to arrange a X'mas gathering for the few of our Secondary school mates from TKGS. A few of those in our gang is not in Singapore and some just simply MIAed. Sigh........ I had the best time of my life in TKGS and meeting my ex-classmates again, invariably will remind me of the wonderful and memorable times we once shared. We are trying to get the X'mas gathering going next Tuesday and I hope we can finally meet up after such a long time.
As usual prior to the gathering, I got into a house cleaning frenzy. I always freak out when people comes visiting because I need my house to look totally spick and span. I guess that's the nurse in me ;) Ken's classmates were really considerate as they knew that I spent alot of time cooking the last round they were here, we ordered pizza instead. So there really isn't much for me to do this time except pester Ken darling to put up some more Christmas decors.
In this post though, I must really give my thanks to one of Ken's ex-classmate, Shuqing also known as Esther. She's been reading my blog and have been really sweet by smsing Ken to take care of me more as Meg is not here and I am down. Thanks Esther, you are a real sweetheart.
At that gathering, everyone renewed their friendships and strengthened their ties. A truly heartwarming sight. That's what's Christmas is all about, isn't it?

Ken & I had so much fun spraying that snow stuff that even the tortoises were not spared. Our house, nice hor?

We tried to take with the Christmas tree but that's all we managed to capture.

Can't resist acting cute. It's X'mas afterall!

More zi lian.

The great bunch from Yu Neng Primary School. (erm..... that happens to be mahjong tiles they are showing off.)

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