Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Alan's Birthday

It was Ken's Secondary schoolmate cum close buddy, Alan aka Jinde's, birthday on Saturday (a mouthful isn't it). Alan rented the SAF chalet in Changi, so Ken and I made ourselves very much at home and virtually stationed ourselves there since Friday.

I must say Ken had a whale of a time and deeply sated his mahjong craving. I must truly commend him because he was able to play mahjong round the clock inspite of him having severe bilateral conjunctivitis (sore eyes in both eyes) and a raging fever (39.2 degrees celsius). Undeniably the king of mahjong kings. ~~ kowtow~~

The hilarious thing (I don't know if you actually term that hilarious) was that, Ken's long MC has resulted in the rest of us having long MCs as well. In the end, all of us were pretty much stuck with each other for the rest of the week (checkout is only today).

So how did that happen?

Ken (both eyes) spread the conjunctivitis to the birthday boy (left eye), who in turn spread it to his very pregnant wife, Elaine (right eye). Then a few days later, Ken passed it on to me (both eyes).

However I must add that Zijian has really very strong immunity. Imagine he's stuck with 6 red eyes in the chalet and the 4 of us were taking turns to play mahjong with him but yet he never kena. I applaud him for daring to sit with us and touching those mahjong tiles after we've touched them. *applause*

Apart from the round the clock mahjong sessions and round the clocks gaming with the playstation, nobody seems to be doing anything else. From my observation, it seems to be so for most of the people who goes to chalets.

Anyhow, Ken and I would like to wish the father-to-be a wonderful and exciting year ahead with his bundle joy.


Our chefs of the night - Zijian & Weiming
Hmmm......I wonder what's so good??? (Alex & Zhongliang)
Poor sweetheart with his sore eyes.
Meet the gang.
Saw the 2 cats sitting side by side, so cute!
Birthday boy, Alan & Elaine.
Alan requested to take photos with different groups of friends - secondary school buddies.
Next group - Weirdly, secondary school buddies' girlfriends.
Cajoling Megan to make a funny face.
Ken threatening to bite her after she refused! Ewww...... she hates saliva!
Went to the beach the next morning but only manage 1 pic cos the beach was so dirty that we didn't stay long.
Hiding in the warmth & safety of her DaDa's ARMPITS!
Both faking to be asleep. Aren't they sweet!

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