Thursday, December 08, 2005

The sky is falling!!!

Century Square was having some holiday programmes within it's mall to attract the kids with their parents. And very honestly, these programmes ALWAYS work. I'm a sucker for such holiday activities.

Being the typical Singaporean parent, I'm always on the lookout for new activities to amuse my kid as well as to keep her busy. Let's see........ Meg's been booked in for a holiday speech & drama class and a holiday chinese class, on top of her regular phonics class. (aiyoh, kiasu right?)

Anyway yesterday was the last 'Cinderella on Ice' show and knowing Meg's penchant for princesses, I die die also bring her there even though my eyes were swollen like a goldfish (from the conjunctivitis).

Then again like all typical Singaporeans, we arrived there half an hour earlier just to chop a good place with a view. Even then we were lagging behind the others that were more kiasu than us. The front row was occupied by those kids that were taller than Megan and following closely in the second row were their parents who were taller than me. *dismayed* We don't stand a chance at all.

Not until I spotted a teenage girl right in the front row. Can you imagine this grown girl right in the front depriving all those small kids of a view! So being the self-righteous me, I tapped this mother in front of me and very politely aked her to excuse Meg. She glared at me and reluctantly let Meg through. (Oh come on, not as if Meg's height can block her!) Then came the next glare when I asked the teenage girl (very politely again) to give Meg a place. Glumly, she shifted her fat body slightly to make way for Megan. What's with all these inconsiderate and rude people!!! How much space can a tiny 4 year old girl take up??!!
That's not all to the ugly side of Singaporeans. A small boy was eagerly squeezing his way through to the front, only to be told sternly by one mother that's there's no more space. I wonder what's with all the adults. Fighting for a place with a small kid, shame on them I tell you. Where's the Christmas spirit gone?

Not that I'd support the small boy though. We stood there for a good half an hour and imagine seconds right before the show, I saw many small children rudely trying to shove their way to the front. Where're their parents? Instead of helping their children to ask politely to be let to the front, they stood right at the back and hoped the kids get better results by shoving their way through. Rude parents with bad mannered children, you can see where our society is leading to, don't you?
Geez, this was suppose to be a really short post but full of indignant, I just couldn't stop myself from rambling on!

My fav character - Cinderella's ugly stepsister
Sexy Cinderella?!
Joining Ken, Zijian & Jinde in Coffee Bean after the show
The sky is falling!!!
More sky falling?!

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