Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Chicken Little" mania

Megan is totally crazy about "Chicken Little". And capitalizing on this *wicked laughter*, Ken & I have managed to get her full cooperation since they announced the screening of this movie.
"If you don't sleep now, then we won't bring you to watch Chicken Little."
"If you don't listen to us, then we won't buy you the Chicken Little toy."
"If you don't brush your teeth, then we won't buy you the Chicken Little T-shirt."
So on & so forth....... You get the drift. Thank goodness the movie people had the foresight to start advertising a good one month prior to the show. One month of peace!
So finally on Wednesday with abated breath, we went to watch the long awaited show in Century Square. You should have seen Megan's face! I'd have paid a million bucks just to see that thrilled look again. :)
I think Ken & I must have caught the excitement from her because we were both looking forward to the show as much as she is. And the show was well worth the wait. It's simply fantabulous! Till this very day, Meg is still recapping scenes from the show.
My favourite scene has gotta be this:
(In the Mutton Class)
Teacher (sheep): Translate this into lamb language.
Teacher: He
Class (different animals): Baa....
Teacher: She
Class: Baa.....
Teacher: We
Class: Baa.....
Ken & I nearly rolled onto the floor laughing!
Anyway Meg was loaded with "Chicken Little" memorabilia to bring home that day. She had 2 T-shirts, a plate, fork & spoon, and a plush toy. Not only that but even the pic on our desktop is "Chicken Little".
For those who loves "Chicken Little" as much as we do, do drop by their official website to take a look. There are alot of interesting downloads and Chicken Little doing different kind of dance moves. Meg luuurves that website and it amuses her no end!
At the end of the movie, I realised that what made the 3 of us enjoy it so much, is that we have each other for company - 3 of us loving the same thing, 3 of us giggling at the same silly stuffs, 3 of our hearts as 1.

Meg doing a great impersonation of "Chicken Little", right down to the pouty lips!
We couldn't resist taking a photo with the life-size poster.
You can't see it from here but Megan is wearing a "Chicken Little" T-shirt.
At a different event but just to showcase a tiny portion of some the wares that Megan has.

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