Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gulp's birthday

I have just spoke to Megan over the phone. She's now on an elephant and it's raining. It seems she's been doing really well these past few days and nights. All my worrying for nothing. As I speak to her, tears was coursing down my cheeks. I miss her so much. Now I finally understood something. I needed her more than she ever needed me.
In a real crappy mood right now. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Met up with my darlings from the clinic on Wednesday.

Dear Lini is back for her school holidays. I missed her so! I must add that she's looking better & better.

Met my other darlings, DBB5, on Thursday. There's a new addition to the group - sweet Kelly. I really missed all of them too! (What's up with me?) Met Miko & Ju for lunch, then again together with the rest at night after work.

We celebrated Gulp's birthday last night. He treated us to dinner in Bedok and then adjourned down to Crew Room. We had a room and the karaoke set to ourselves and boy, did we go wild!

Chio right!

It's a time for loving.

Kangwei looking cute.

I think Gulp went crazy with the photo-taking.

Mr. Black - our resident singer.

Gulp & Ee Wan engaging in a fierce pillow fight.

Poor Barry aka baby sprained his foot. But what on earth is Gulp doing??!!

Erm......That's my foot.

And that's my shoe!!! Does Gulp have a feet fetish or what?

Pi already

It's raining naked men, hallelujah!

As the night wears on, the crowd gets rowdier & hornier. (This only applies to the guys, the girls were really well behaved.) Poor poor Kangwei. Gulp what is wrong with you??!!

Dear Ken is not spared as well. (Look at where his hand is trying to protect.) GB 2 on 1......Tsk....Tsk......
Happy birthday Gulp!

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