Thursday, January 19, 2006

Our new family member

There's been a recent new addition to our family. No I did not get pregnant, thank you very much....... We've got ourselves a puppy!

Woofie is a black mini schnauzer and everyone is just going ga-ga over him. (With the exception of the maid) He is one and a half month old and totally ADORABLE!

All of a sudden, now I find that to wake Megan up in the morning to go to school is not so difficult afterall. She hears him yelp in the morning and she just can't wait to wake up to play with him. Arrr....such a bliss not to have to listen to her throw tantrums in the morning. (I wish this phenomenon will never end but sadly I know it'll never come true.)

Actually Meg wants to call the puppy "Gooey". God knows where she came up with this name. In the end, we compromised and picked a name out of one of her cartoon character and named him "Woofie".

I've been really proud of Megan because she kept her promise of cleaning up after the puppy including the poo. I know everyone is going to tell me not to get too happy too soon because this is going to be short-lived (just like the early morning wake-up episodes). But I'm still proud all the same because given her obsessive compulsive behaviour (at least it seems like that to me), she actually managed to clean dog's poo without flinching.

The other person that's utterly besotted is Ken. He's been acting real paternal. I take my hats off him because he's definitely more attentive to Woofie way more than I am. I love seeing that look on his face whenever he looks at Woofie. I can't really describe it but it's just so doting and loving.

This little bundle of joy has liven up the house and changed the atmosphere. I can definitely feel more love all around now. So now other than Meg, I'll have another baby to blog about.

Proudly presenting Woofie

Ken with his pride and joy
Sleepy head has finally open his eyes
Make a wild guess what's that black lump on my bedroom slippers
After he's gotten use to us, he's really playful now
Sleeping again

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