Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Marketing Manager

If you will scroll right down & look to your left (Will someone please HELP me with this damn html thinggy! The more posts I add, the further down my profiles go...... *shakes head dejectedly*), you'll see that I've changed my occupation from that of a nursing manager to that of a marketing manager.
That's right, I have officially started work today. I am now a marketing manager with an MNC healthcare group that owns most of the private hospitals in Singapore. And I've been put in charge of the entire hospital (the most established one in Singapore)!!!
Once again my lucky star is shining brightly. All I have is my nursing background & out of the blue, I have been entrusted a management position in marketing.
I've been in nursing uniforms most of my working life & my wardrobe consists of mostly T-shirts, shorts & flip flops. Therefore it's really weird for me having to dress up to the nines to go to work. I felt like I've gone back in time & I am like playing dressed up with my mum's clothes. It's just so unnatural! I mean I haven't even worn heels for the last 5 years for christ sake! (so you can imagine the pathetic state of my feet now?! *ouch*)
Well the glamour of the title aside, I've got a really tall hat to fill. It's going take tremendous hard work on my side to try & get a hang of these marketing stuffs.

So wish me luck beacuse I know I am going to need every ounce of it! ;)

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