Saturday, October 08, 2005

Megan's birthday & concert

I'm extremely late for this post but I just gotta post these photos. So just let me very briefly summarise the day's events for you.
Megan's birthday falls on a Saturday so we weren't able to celebrate it in school. But we did have to go to school though because her nursery is holding an annual concert whereby she gets to perform. I had a really fun time putting on the make-up for her (I don't think she's as thrilled at the aspect as I am though). I had the full works on for her; eye shadow, mascara, lipstick & all the glittery stuff on her face. It's just too bad the photos can't show up the make-up I had in her. If I must say so myself, I think I did an awfully good job.
The concert was really chaotic though. You will never guess who's the unruly bunch....... the parents! All of us was scrambling on top of each other trying to get a better pic of our precious tots. I had to climb & stand on the chair in order to catch a glimpse of Meg. (Oh yes, I was one of the unruly bunch too.) Can you imagine the sight? All this happened in spite of the principle's foresight to instruct all parents to behave. Geez....... The children were way better behaved than us. But parents aside, Megan did very well during the concert & I'm so terribly proud of her!
We celebrated Meg's birthday at night in my parent's house. No frills, just a simple cosy celebration.
On the way to the school for her first public appearance.

Alright the banner speaks for itself.
Can hardly see the make-up on her face.

Meg's birthday cake.

My sweetie pie.
Happy birthday sweetie!

Taking a deep breath........

Grandma looking on in amusement in the background.

Cautiously cutting the cake.
An ang pow for her precious great granddaughter.

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