Monday, October 10, 2005

Megan's birthday celebration in school

As you would have read in my previous post, we had to postpone Megan's birthday celebration in school till Monday. In preparation for her celebration, I had to pack bags & bags of goodies bags for her classmates. Then the night before, the maid & I spent hours blowing up balloons to distribute to them as well. (erm.... maybe let me rephrase that, what I meant to say is that the maid packed bags & bags and spent hours & hours) *Sheepish smile*

The birthday girl was allowed to wear mufti and Megan was happily dressed in a long pink dress. She loves princesses, so of course her lifelong aspiration is to be one and dress like one. She was really proud of herself the entire day, looking like a princess and doling out presents to her classmates. Hahaha.... but of course she will always be a true blue royal princess in my eyes.

In her long pink princess dress.

A princess cake (Belle).

Looking really pleased with herself.

Singing the birthday song.

Happy birthday princess! *Muacks*

The little boy (front right) is Daniel, Megan's favourite boy. Oooooohhh......

A little bit of royal cream on the royal lips...

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