Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Klair's skincare review + Giveaway

I'm such a make-up and skincare junkie, that it delights me no end, when the kind people from The Face Apps wanted me to review a skincare range from Korea.

I wanted to dig a little deeper before slapping unknown products onto my face. And here's what I found out: Klair's has 4 big NO-formula.
  1. NO ethanol alcohol 
  2. NO paraben
  3. NO artificial colours
  4. NO animal testing
I was finally satisfied after carefully reading the various product reviews and certain that it is hypoallergenic plus environmental friendly. 

This is Klair's 'moisture' range to suit the dry skin me

A serum retailing at $39.90 - what a steal!

I have to admit that it got me a little worried reading the words 'rich' on the jar. Thankfully it wasn't too thick nor gooey and most importantly, it didn't leave a sticky residue on my face.

High quality pure Vit.C for all skin types. Ladies, remember to use sunblock if you're using this in the day!

Great Singapore Sales! - email

I <3 freebies :)

GIVEAWAY - ends 27 June 2012

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Good Luck!!! xoxo


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