Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Piqued by pigs

I got into a very heated arguement with one of the parent right outside Megan's school. And what's more, the parent is a man! I wonder whatever happened to chivalry?! He actually stooped to screaming at a woman. I am damn freaking appalled and of course pissed no end.
What happened was that I was sending Megan to school and just as we were reaching and turning into the small road, there was a bicycle in front of me turning in as well. This man had his son sitting behind him. Instead of rushing ahead to turn in first, I waited patiently behind of him. However he seemed oblivious to my car and did not turn back to check if there's a car turning in. Then he leisurely cut from the left of the lane to the right. Again without looking back to check if I was behind him. All this time, I was hovering right at the back waiting to pass him. Afterall, you don't expect me to drive all the way behind a bicycle right?
Although he keeps to the right side of the lane after that, there were times he actually seems to be drifting to the middle. The road is really tight as it's a one-way street with cars parked at the side. I was afraid to pass him as I was worried that he might just drift out. And besides he had seemed oblivious that I was behind and just carried on riding as if he owned the road. (See illustration.)

Therefore after contemplating for a long time, I decided to horn at him to warn him that I am approaching. The reason I contemplated was because I saw his little boy with him. I wouldn't like it either if someone was to toot their loud horn at me when I'm riding with my girl. But I decided on it anyway because I would endanger his boy even more if I didn't alert him.
Oh his rage after hearing my horn! He shouted at me as I drove past and then stopped my car at the gate to demand to know why I horned at him. I told him he was in the way and I wanted to alert him that I was approaching. He insisted that I sounded it because I was in a rush and and wanted him out of the way. Then he went on to say that he also have a right to the road. Oh Please! It's a fecking Monday morning, who the hell is not in a rush! (Except him maybe.) Sure he have a right to the road, I pay good money for road tax, for goodness sake! Does he actually expect me to drive behind him all the way?
I told him he got my intention wrong, I had only wanted to alert him that I was approaching. He replied that of course he knows that I am approaching, he's not deaf! Damn him! How would I know he knows I am behind? He certainly didn't act like it. And so if he does, then he's totally not bothered by my car and expects me to give way to him as he leisurely cuts his way across the road. He shows such blatant disregard for safety that I really don't think he should ever send his son to school. How can you not even look behind once to check as you turn into a lane or to cut across it? I shouldn't be the one responsible for your safety or to look out for you!
Then finally he told me, "How dare you still argue with me!" Drats, I am just so darn furious! By then it had already escalated into a shouting match. I realised then the teachers were gawking and there was a long stream of cars behind me waiting to drop their kids off. I was seriously embarrassed and didn't want the teachers to have a bad impression of Megan. So I guess to get out of it, I said "ok sorry that you got it the wrong way alright?" I wanted to bite my tongue, the moment I said that. Now he'll think he's completely right. I mean why should I be sorry that he's the one to misinterpret the well-meaning of my horn. If a pedestrian was walking in front of you riding, wouldn't you ring your bell?! Urghhh...... I could have so killed myself for saying sorry!!!
Then there's something else that piqued me today. It didn't happened to me but it incensed me all the same. There was an agreement between 2 friends to share a deal and then this other friend decided to close the deal without informing the other and claim it as his own. All these time, this poor friend was just awaiting instructions and more information but none came. Then only to know today that the deal's been closed and he's been kept in the dark. Whatever happened to the agreement?
I firmly believe that there's enough money in the world to go around for every single person to live comfortably. Why does one choose to knowingly sabotage friendship over this mere sum of money? A 20 year friendship at that. Well it's not about the sum of money anymore, one can always earn it back. However not the friendship. I don't think that guy will ever earn the trust back and besides, he really don't deserve it.
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