Friday, March 02, 2007

More of Chinese New Year

I didn't realise that there were still so many photos from Chinese New Year that I have not posted yet. This CNY sure is one long celebration for me!

My colleague, Amy invited us to her house for potluck dinner. Megan took the pics of these little girls (Zara & SiSi) while the adults were having dinner. Hee....hee.... she's getting quite handy with the camera.

We were at aunty Jac's house awaiting the arrival of the lion dance troupe. Meg playing with sparklers.

Everyone enjoying themselves at the see-saw

Megan looking extremely sweet!

Ken & the adorable Nicole

Jonathan hiding under the chair as he didn't like lion dance and there's Meg coaxing him to come out
A short clip of the lion dance (unable to upload the remainder into Youtube)
Erm.... what do you call this?
Meg's 2 new friends - Eliza & Faith
Invited the FJC peeps over for CNY dinner.
Huat ah!
Meg insisted that I plait this for her last night - ouch my poor hands :p
A very satisfied customer
Decided to take a pic to show everyone, Megan's daily bedtime routine. She has to arrange each and every single toy to sleep next to her. An extremely long & tedious process!!!

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