Friday, March 23, 2007

Snip! Snip!

Megan was pestering me to let her cut her hair after she had seen me cut mine. Haha..... she's such a doll. Remembered how she also cut bangs after I got bangs and then grew her fringe when I grew mine. But I couldn't let her do it till after her ballet exam. So immediately after the exam was over, she reminded me about her hair again.
I was much more reluctant to cut hers than to cut my own. You see.... she was quite botak when she's a baby. Hair didn't really start growing till after 2 years old. And from then on, she had always had long hair. She was really proud of it as well. It really surprised me that she was so insistent on cutting despite the entire family trying very hard to dissuade her.
So on Saturday I finally brought her to cut her hair. I wanted the hair just below the shoulder so that she can still tie her hair for ballet. However the stylist did a bad job and the cut was very slanted. As I was working on Sunday, I got Ken to bring her back to the stylist again to trim it. But lo and behold, it got way shorter than what I expected. Ken said she was quite sombre after the haircut :p Thank goodness, Meg actually took it quite well and was actually very happy that she now longer have to tie her hair for school.

Her long long tresses
Snip! Snip! Goes the scissors.
There....the deed is done
Very pleased with herself
Little imp
This is only the length after the 1st cut. I have not taken pics of her after her 2nd cut yet.
The back view

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