Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mr.Sun is back

I had turned a ghostly shade of white after the last few months of heavy downpour. Now that Mr. Sun is back, I can't wait to bask in his glorious warmth again. Besides, I think a nice golden tan would suit my new short hair just fine.
My DBB darlings and I shared the same sentiments. Hence, we were down in Tanjung beach on Saturday. Kelly had a travel fair and was quite upset that she couldn't join us. (*But don't worry dear, we'll arrange another outing real soon.) It must have been more than a year since all of us went to Sentosa together. Therefore this was really special to me.
Miko, Marilyn and I just couldn't get enough of the sun and practically dunked ourselves in suntan oil. Noelle was the exact opposite. She was doused with sun block instead. But she was such a great friend that she didn't mind sitting out there in the sun with us even though it risked getting her tanned.
At the end of the day, we all got what we wanted - BURNT. Haha ...... We were still lamenting that the sun was not strong enough. Imagine what would have happened if the sun was out in full force! Guess we were too anxious to get a tan. But it was a good thing Noelle retained her snowy white skin though.
Still we are not daunted but will be making plans for our next suntanning session soon ;)

Meg had an excellent time getting acquainted with her aunty Miko & aunty Noelle

A completely drenched Woofie. He might not look like he's having fun but (trust me on this) he's really having the ball of his life.

The whole gang chilling out in the sea

Gorgeous babes
Now my turn to be in the pic
Looking quite the man in my aviator sunglasses
With the real man

Life is as perfect as can be

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