Monday, March 05, 2007

Esther & her golden locks

I'm right now teaching Megan her spelling and if any of you had any experience in teaching small kids, you'll understand my frustration. If you hadn't, try teaching a 5 year old spell 'whiteboard'. *bangs head against wall*
Plus Woofie is not helping with his non-stop barking in the background either. I wish those neighbours of mine would quit walking up and down my unit! Seriously, I mean there's only so many number of family members and so many number of times that one can go in and out of the house right? But NO! I can see one walking up or down every other 10 mins. (Ok I am exaggerating but you get the idea.) And there's only one unit next to mine! Ai yiah yiah ....... *doubly bangs head against wall*

I'm not really in the mood to blog now but I had cut my hair for coming a week now and I have not blogged about it. Yup, you heard me right. I said cut. Cut as in really short kind of cut. There were many reviews about it. It ranges from "it's refreshing" to "I prefer you with long hair". With the majority going with "I prefer you with long hair". And for those who said "it's refreshing", was probably a diplomatic way of saying "I prefer you with long hair". :p

But well then again, hair is hair. It will grow. So no regrets on my part (ok maybe just a teeny-weeny bit). Actually I think it's a fairly nice change; For one, my face looks more slender and the other is that I have loads of people coming up to me saying I look like 'Ivy Lee' (well I take that as a compliment I suppose).

You can see for yourself how I look with my short hair from the pics taken in Dragonfly (my maiden visit). I was there with the FJC peeps on Saturday. As always, it's a hilarious affair in which both Ken and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

*note: As I pen the very last full-stop in this post, I just saw yet another neighbour walk past my unit and there it sets off Woofie again ..........

Ken with the FJC peeps

Ta....Da.... Can you find me with my short hair?
The guys just couldn't get it when we said we only wanted girls in this pic

Nicked this from Jamie's blog cos I think I look quite good in this pic. hehe~~Haha..... Dennis's idea to pose 1,2,3,4
Andrew caught me dancing happily by myself and wanted a candid shot but I still managed a pose somewhat. Told him I was 'camera-sensitive' :p This is quite an unflattering shot but all pics were courtesy from Andrew and beggars can't be chooser.

Lucky Andrew with a bevy of beauties

This is the start of many funny pics to come
Poor Ken - one of the many GBs that happened that night

Basically you have an idea how the night went. These were the milder photos. There were many other photos but decided that they were too wild. Afterall there are minors visiting this site and the FJC peeps might also decide to boycott me.

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