Tuesday, March 06, 2007

'Pixar's Finding Nemo' tickets for sale

I have made a huge mistake! I had forgotten all about Megan's ballet exam and went ahead to book tickets for 'Disney On Ice presents Disney / Pixar's Finding Nemo'. Now I am desperately trying to find someone to take over these tickets so that I can purchase tickets for another day.

It's a total of 3 tickets for 15 March 2007, Thursday, at 3.30pm. As I reserved them early, they are very good seats too. It's Section:A14 Rows:11 Seats:1,2,3. The original price of each ticket is $45.50 but I'm willing to let go of it at a cheaper price. Please email me if you are interested :)

Just uploaded my camera and found a couple more short-haired photos which was taken on Friday when I went to the KTV with a group of long lost friends. All the pics were over-exposed

Fiddling with Photoshop to fix the over-exposure and ended up with this

A side profile of the hair

Long-haired pics taken just before I chopped off my tresses. All self-taken in the car while I was waiting for Megan to finish her ballet class. Haha ..... Ultra-bored & ultra-vain is a deadly combination (brace yourself)! :p

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