Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My, my ......... the week simply whizz by. I barely have time to take a breather. There's so much that I wanted to post but just didn't have the time. And when I am able to, it's old news already. The month is coming to an end and I am really close to my sales target. Keep your fingers cross for me everyone :p

The family took a day trip to Desaru with the FJC peeps on Saturday. There were about 15 cars that partake in this outing. It was my first time convoying with such a huge group and to out of town. Only 1 word can describe how I feel about the trip :SCARY! Well it's not the people nor Desaru that I am talking about but the process of getting to and from Desaru.
For one, these guys wanted to test the top speed of their cars and ram like nobody's business. And they also made it their vendetta to overtake any car in sight. I mean it's fine if it's just 1 car overtaking but can you imagine 15 cars?! Whats' more, these were narrow 2 way single lane roads. And when night falls, there were no lamp posts to light the way.
Honestly it was terrifying at night. In spite that I was dead beat after an entire day in the sun, I found that my body couldn't go into a shut-off mode the way it normally does. I was on red alert and although I wasn't the driver, I had my foot in the 'brake' position the whole time. My heart was perpetually in my mouth and it's amazing that I didn't have a heart attack midway. Either I was weird or Megan was weird because she went "Whee..... that's so fun!" But then again, I am the one with the faint heart, I'd never dare try the rides that she likes.
Overall the outing was a huge success and I believe they are arranging another trip soon. Other than photos from my camera, I also 'pinched' lots of photos from the forum taken by the other members. So plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure!

Gathered at 7.30am in West Coast MacDonalds
Mr. camera whore at work again :p
Our trusted and tireless driver
Meg entertained herself watching Pokemon on the laptop throughout the long journey (Thank God for Ken's foresight to bring something to distract her)
While I busied with taking pics :p
Reached 2nd link checkpoint
Our convoy of Fit and Jazz
Highlight of the scenery was palm trees and more palm trees
Yipee! Finally caught sight of destination.All parked and ready to go
The beach with its' really strong waves
Meg is painfully shy about appearing in her bikini nowadays

Meg decided she had enough of the sand and proceeded to the pool. She's in love with the slide at the pool and is pestering us to bring her to Desaru again just for the slide.
Her only buddy of the day - Elly
Monkey faces =D
Ken was complaining that I took pics of everything except of him :p
Both of us are black! Meg was extremely pleased that she's managed to master a teeny weeny bit of swimming skills from Ken that day
I had to piggy back Meg a lot while wading from point A to point B
Gabriel caught me on his camera in a very uncompromising position taking shots of Meg (although why he did that, I never understood)
We were extremely excited to see a monkey on our way back to the chalet
The sun is setting (evening sun shining in my face) and we've left the resort to go to another village for food Still fairly jubilant after all the fun & sun tanning
But it's another story for Megan
Arrived at this seafood restaurant that was recommended by Michelle Chia & Adrian Pang in their TV programme
Went round to each table to take photos machiam like wedding dinner
All of us
We were famished and dived into our food immediately. Since I was not able to take a pic of of our yummy food, I nicked this pic from the forum depicting the food that was served at another table. Hee~
After reviewing the pics, Meg says she loves this pose. haha......
Meg was Ms. Grouch of the day
Darling Ju couldn't make it there to join us for our day activities but still made the trip just to join us for dinner
Nicked from Ju's blog
The cool guys from FJC
Meg & Elly, both looking quite drained from the trip
Pics taken by Meg, she's getting a hang of taking photos
A truly fun trip and Meg's 1st time to Malaysia too!

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