Friday, March 16, 2007

My little sister

Erykca was on the front page in yesterday's STRAITS TIMES. I remembered her calling me up excitedly telling me that she was to be interviewed by the press and then calling me up again to tell me there was a also a photoshoot involved. I am sooo proud of her!
This was her second time being interviewed after working for MOS. The first was by LIME magazine. Her colleagues in MOS are teasing her and calling her a 'mini celebrity'. =D
I might not have said it before but I am really proud of your achievements. You were always spoken highly of by your peers and superiors. And for a girl of 23 years old, to be promoted to Bar Captain in the top club in Singapore is no mean feat. You are doing really well and should not be bothered about others' opinion of you. Always remember that you live for yourself. Follow your heart and be brave. Success is yours.
I am happy that you are my little sister and no one could have had a better sister than you =)

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