Monday, March 19, 2007

All in a day

Meg has received the very 1st certificate in her life! She had passed her ballet exam =D Haha..... actually there's no grading in pre-primary level but still I was anxious no end. In fact, her ballet teacher took the exam very seriously and held very high expectations of her brood. I am so extremely proud of her.

As a reward, Ken and I brought her to watch Disney on Ice : Pixar's Finding Nemo. If you read my previous post, you'll know that I was trying to sell off the tickets for Thursday as Meg had ballet practice. I was pretty disgusted with the people on Yahoo Auction, they actually offered to buy the $150 worth of tickets at $60! It's so ridiculous. I know I have to make a loss but at least offer me a reasonable price. But thank God for aunty Jac, out of the goodness of her heart, she bought them off me and even paid the original price of the ticket. So with that, I bought new tickets for Friday. Meg totally enjoyed herself! She was shooting questions throughout the entire show.

And in the night, I met up with my colleagues and my DBB darlings in Dragonfly. We took so many photos that it took me forever, sorting them out and uploading them. My darlings were there way earlier because Kelly wanted to go to Powerhouse to support her friend in the Cleo's Bachelor finals. But as I have no personal agenda (it's a major turn-off for me to see guys with their heads up in the clouds) and I don't want to be pushing through throngs of girls in the pursuit of their hunks, I opted to meet them later.
But it seems there were a couple of events in St James that night and the place was packed! It took us more than an hour before we finally stepped into Dragonfly. With the exception of Stella and me, the group had wanted to abandon the queue and go for a movie instead. However in the end, they still waited with me because they knew how much I was looking forward to it. Hee~~ Love you guys!
It was the first time my colleagues met the DBBs and they were in for a huge culture shock! They were not used to our wild partying and besides I don't know what got into their system that night, they were crazier than usual :p Haha.... but thank goodness they soon got used to it and started having fun too.

It was there, we learnt that Devils Bar is closing down this month and we probably might arrange one last night there to reminisce. You know how they say that night spots are bad places but Devils Bar did give me the few most important things in my life. Afterall that's where my tight friendship with the girls were formed and that's also where I got to know Kenneth.

Meg's teacher doesn't allow the parents to tie the girls' hair for the exam so we have to bring them down early to let the professionals do it.

Here's Meg all ready for the first exam in her lifeWith Isabelle who's also her classmate in St. Hilda's Kindergarten
The ballerinas posing for pics and one final practice before the exam They had a party after their exams to reward them for work well done I'm such a proud mother! Finding Nemo My sweeties
Meg loved the way they tied her hair for her examI thought I looked strange in this photo and insisted on another one
Haha ...... She thought I was troublesome and posed unhappily after that
In a Nemo hat

In Dragonfly with my beloved colleagues (Grace & Stella) who will be leaving us soon
My darling Ken Ken was labelled a camera whore in Miko's blog. Not that I blame her! :p
(1) Miko got this down as evidence
(2) His face perked up when he saw the girls were getting ready for a photo
(3) He quickly moved closer and conveniently positioned himself
(4) Ta...Da.... Mission accomplished. The girls didn't even know he was in the frame till they were reviewing the photo later. Haha~~
I love him soooo much!
Here's Kelly trying to make a grab at Ken's butt
Hee hee~~~ Mr. camera whoreWith sweet sweet Stella Stella & Zijian
My DBB darlings who waited a long long time for me that night
Pretty pretty babes!

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