Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's March school holidays

Right, it's the March school holidays and it's jammed packed with activities. It's a wonder how we managed to squeeze everything in in the last couple of days. Amidst all the holiday homework and preparing Meg for her pre-primary RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exams, we went prawning, visit a goat farm and the Night Safari. Lots of wholesome stuffs :)
Meg in her ballet class - they are all so adorable in their tutus and leotards She's been practicing real hard for her exams which is tomorrow. She has no inkling what is an exam so I'm the one feeling the jitters instead. There's a skipping rope routine in the choreography but no matter how, she can't seem to master it (guess she's got my genes). She will just have to sit out in that one and she's pretty sadden by that. Her ballet teacher reassures the both of us that it's alright but I think it still bothers her. Poor thing :(
Brought Meg to the airport on Sunday night for ice-cream with the FJC peeps (dark pics cos using my phone camera)
Thereafter adjourned for 'prawning' in Pasir Ris
It's my very 1st time prawning and the very 1st time that Meg stayed out so late. We left only at 2am and she could barely keep her eyes open.
We got all excited over Jame's prawn. He caught 2 and we caught none. In the end, he gave them to Meg to rear but prawns died after 2 days.
Ken & Meg were quite upset that they didn't manage to catch any
In Hay Dairies goat farm We were all really excited about visiting the goat farm. A pity we missed the milking session which is held only in the morning.
These kids were really cute! Some are only 2 weeks old.
Meg was quite put off by the stench but she forgot about it the moment she set sight on the goats. Ouch! Hee~~ Bitten by an over-zealous kid. They bite everything they can lay their mouths on
Even your pants if you walk too close to them! This is one tall scary fella. He's as tall as Ken but really tame though.
Bought $2 worth of alfafa hay to feed them Enjoying themselves
All of us are in the pic so who's the one who took this? Megan!
Mum buying some goat milk to take home
We really want to go back there again soon!
Undeterred, Ken brought Liz & Jon prawning this time, hoping to have better luck
Meg was having so much fun that she refuses to let go of the rod and let us have a go We had quite a good catch - 10 prawns and 2 small fishes. FISHES??!! Yah, when Meg caught the 1st fish, we were so amused that we went into a laughing fit. The 2nd one was caught by Jon. Kudos to Liz who caught the most and Ken finally went home happy cos he caught 1.
Meg was tired after the entire day's activities
Haha........ I don't know why she's giving Ken the frown!
Meg's 1st visit to the Night Safari
Flash photography was not allowed so we took photos at whatever opportunity we had, which wasn't alot.
Meg was so enthralled with the whole experience. She was holding on to Liz's hand and asking Liz 'what's that noise' the whole time. A cheeky wink from Meg. She always have so much fun when Jon & Liz are around.
At the animal show
I had freaked out when they told us they had lost a snake (and I had known it's part of the show!)
Meg in my aviator shades. Hee....hee.... I love this pic!

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