Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Jurong Bird Park & Singapore Science Centre

Uniz & her gorgeous family were back last month to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. But all too soon, they'd to go back to UK & life's back to same old same old for us :( We visited lots of places of interest while they were here. Now I shall reminisce by blogging about them.

1st stop was at the Jurong Bird Park

Our 2 playful rabbits

Our main purpose was to watch 'Ni Hao Kai Lan'

Meg volunteered & walked away happy with a goody bag

With Kai Lan

♥ this pic!

Both of us had a real good time

Meg with her new Canon

Fun fact!

Leto has a new status now - she's my god-daughter!

Monkey see, monkey do


Meg's much more willing to pose for pics with Leto around

Bunnies for the Rabbit Year

Sisters fun

Schedule was tight, so off to the Singapore Science Centre we go

Magic mirror

Meg was cringing when she turned into a princess :p



Leto LOVES the camera!

And so do I! Wahahaha!!!

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