Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a selfish bitch

I can't believe that there are actually some near-strangers asking me to buy stuffs back for them during my upcoming trip to US. What nerve! I'm flabbergasted by how they have no qualms whatsoever about inconveniencing me.

Hell. Do I look like Singpost to you? It's my 1st holiday to USA for Pete's sake! Or even if it's to Malaysia, I shouldn't have to share my luggage space nor be burdened by someone else's shopping list.

But if you really must ask me to get it, then it will come at a price. Want the iPad2? Sure. That's another S$200 for courier & baggage space. Okay, I can hear you screaming: "You selfish, $$$-grabbing bitch!"

So? Bite me.

At this point which you must be thinking: "US only mah. Big deal. Don't buy don't buy lor, must write so much meh?"

Sure I do. This topic gripes at me as much as queue-cutting (but that's a story for another day). I'm the sort who'd rather pay for a cab than hitch a ride (unless offered). That's cos I don't want to feel indebted to the person. It's not easy to pay off 人情债. It might seem little initially but add it all up & it's a helluva payback. Likewise, I don't want anyone indebted to me either.

So unless you're family, my BFFs (whom I can count with my 5 fingers), or someone I'm indebted to, don't say I never did warn you. By writing this, I'm saving you the embarrassment of talking to my hand.

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