Monday, January 22, 2007

Alex & Clara's wedding

Just got back from Alex's wedding in Singapore Expo and just wanted to upload the pics before I go to bed.
Alex is Ken's longtime childhood playmate and so he behaved as if it's his own wedding dinner, going round to the tables getting friends to drink or take pics. I got teased non-stop because of that. And having drank so much, he's now sleeping soundly in bed the moment we reached home. *shakes head*
Yawnz....... gotta go sleep too. Enjoy the pics. There are some taken a couple of days ago as well.

Celebrating Uncle Thomas's birthday last Sunday

Very loving :)
Ken & Meg playing around with the camera one lazy afternoon
Hee... hee.... Caught me in my jammies blogging
Dunno why but I love this pic - Meg seems so grown up

Went at 5am into Johore to pick the bride
Elaine & Jinde's pride & joy - she's so adorable
Meiyan & Peifen
Dragged Ee Wan to join us the moment she stepped in
The beautiful couple
The gang
Our table
Esther & Esther - she's Ken's primary school classmate and fellow blogger
Chermaine & Aunty Mary were there too
Meifong - Ken's cousin-in-law & fellow nurse
All the happy people
They were absurdly drunk at the end of the dinner

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