Sunday, January 14, 2007

Plan of Action (POA) 2007

We had our POA this week. There was pre-POA on Monday held in Safra Yishun Country Club and the actual POA itself held in Shangri-la on Thursday and Friday. Then finally the highlight of the POA on Friday night which was our Dinner & Dance. This year's theme was 'J Naito' (translation: Japan Night) - my very 1st D&D with the company. And boy, was it fun!
Everyone was really sporting and alot went all out to dress according to the theme. There was Cosplay, Gothic Lolitas, Samurais,Street Wear, School Girls (porn look-a-like ones :p), Japanese Soldiers, and of course the traditional Kimonos. It took me a long time to decide and finally I turned up as a 'Ganguro Girl'. Ganguro literally 'black-face' is an alternative fashion trend and the basic look consists of dyed hair, a deep tan, black and white eyeliner, and false eyelashes. I actually looked pretty glam when I had my whole look completed.

But the party does not end there. I later brought my colleagues to join Juliana and Marilyn in Thumpers. And surprise surprise, my GM sportingly joined in the fun. It's the 1st time that I partied with these people but I certainly hope it won't be the last because they are such merry making folks and always game for a good laugh.

Kudos to the organizing committee for doing such a brilliant job with the D&D. And to *Ivan - you owe me 5 door gifts for wearing that top as promised. :p

During the Pre-POA in Safra Yishun Country Club

All of us having a go with the air-rifle - missed those days when I was back in the air rifle club in school

The D&D proper in Shangri-La

Already clowning around even before the event starts

The 'slut' look

Grace dressed as Gothic Lolita

Sexy Joey who gave a great Japanese voice-over that even the MC was impressed

Stella also dressed as Gothic Lolita

Sean in street wear - not Pirates of the Carribean

My idol Sam is a Japanese soldier (but what's up with the T-shirt dude?)

All of us clamouring for a pic with our mock-detailing champion, Selina

My beloved team with my beloved boss right at the back

Poor Stella got dragged on stage for a ventriloquist show - can you see the one with the yellow beak?

Michelle and gang strutting their stuff, in an attempt to win the prizes for best dressed table. A real pity they came in 2nd instead. I think they deserved to win cos poor Embline laboured to sew all their Yukatas.

Amy & I were using the same kind of nails

Sow Cheng & Daphne - I look very black in contrast to their very whites

Superb acting from Daphne

Are you scared yet?


With a very happy Taras - they insisted I take a pic with my back facing the camera.

My dear dear partner Michelle
And here's Ivan who owed me my door gifts

In Thumpers
Darling Ju
Grace with her beau
And here's my beau who needs no introduction
I love me looking so tan! Will the rain never stop so that I can go out and get a real tan?
My partying colleagues - hid the photos of my GM just in case I get the sack for posting it here :p

My precious darlings
Forgot who the other pretty babe was
Darlings with my darling

Mar sweetie
Super act cute!
I love you girl!

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