Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm a road idiot

I think I haven't told you peeps that I was transferred to cover another area in my work. Another area as in same portfolio but in a different part of Singapore. I'm now required to drive around most of the time in an area that's totally alien to me. And for those who knows me well, they know I'm a road idiot :p
Full of trepidation, I embarked on my journey to the first destination on Thursday. Everything seems to be going well until I missed a turn ......... The road seems to go on and on till I managed to find a turn to a small road for me to consult my trusted road directory again. Guess where I ended up. In a Chinese cemetary!!! The entire plot of land is a cemetary and I have no choice but to park next to a tombstone to read the map. How lucky (read: unlucky) can I get! I was totally creeped out ........
Alright Happy holidays peeps! Let's just look at some of the things I've done over the week k?

Attended Ervin's wedding on Sunday. Ken says after knowing him for almost 20 years, they didn't know his name is Ervin :p

The wedding car is so kawaii. Think Mar & Kelly will love this.
Adjourned to meet the FJC gang for supper in Hong Kong Cafe after that. It seems now the day is never complete without seeing them. Discovered camera whore number 2 - Keegan Attempting to get a nice shot
Went for a midnight rollerblading session with the FJC peeps on Thursday
I'm really impressed with Meg's progress!Haha....think she loves the camera as much as me :p
Ooops out of frame!
She refuses to cooperate now
Ken & Eddie
She's full of poses
Eddie teaching Frankie how to blade. And Frankie was using my blades!! My feet is considered small even for a lady. Can you imagine he was actually able to squeeze into them?
Erm..... what are they looking for?
Meg was bored stiff & started picking mangoes off the ground

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