Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can't get enough of Leto

I have been doing plenty recently - plenty of lazing around .......... I don't know why but I've been feeling so lethargic. Perhaps it's the time of the time. But knowing Ken, he'll tell you it's the time of the month all year round for me :p (Haha..... cos I do nothing but sleep and leave him to entertain Meg.) Other than work, it's sleep. And the times I go out is to meet the FJC peeps for the occassional kopi session or movie. And on the weekends it's more sleep again. So I'm afraid no pics to show you guys.
But the good news is that Uniz sent me more photos of Leto! Meg made me print it out and put it in a portable photo frame which she brings wherever she goes. And this had spurred another round of fight between my mum and Meg. My mum didn't have the set that Meg has. So she wanted to trade with her for a day to bring it to show her colleagues. But Meg refused to budge saying she can't sleep without her set of photos. We had to threaten and coerce before Meg unwillingly pass over her photo frame. And true to her word, she kept hounding me the entire night and says she can't sleep without her set of the photos. Bleh~~~~
And the story about how Meg made me print the photos was that she suddenly sat up in bed one night at 1 am to tell us she misses Leto. She was fast asleep since 10pm then out of the blue woke up and that was the first thing she said. She really misses her little sister! Feeling terribly sorry for her, we woke up and brought her to the PC to print the photos for her so she can hug them to go to sleep. Awwww...........
Anyway I've just recieved news that I need to take on a more important role in an online game that Ken and I are crazy about. So I'll need to spend more time on the game. In meantime, please try and bear with me and I'll try my best not to neglect you guys ;)

She can crawl now!
Even feeding herself :)
Gorgeous gorgeous smileShe's got teeth!
Oh.... we miss her :(

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