Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To Sentosa with Gulp & gang

Let me start by wishing Miko darling a very happy birthday! I love you loads and loads!!! *MUACKS*
I apologise for having been out of action for so long. I had caught a mega bug (but Ken will tell you it's those chocolates and durians) and been down for the entire of last week. I was on MC from Tuesday all the way till Friday. I was sorely tempted to update my blog while on MC but I guess sleeping too much kinda eats away at my brain :p Besides, my brain cells were all fully devoted to strategising for my online game and so no go there either. So the entire week was split between sleep and game, game and sleep.

But finally war is over and life is back to its' normal pace again. I need not keep those 24hrs as if I was monitoring a stock market. Even Ken was not as 'siao on' as me. Haha......

I am almost recovered too, just still feeling slightly under the weather. And again this requires lots of sleep on my part. It's totally inconceivable how much sleep I actually need and have. Ken thinks I am a complete pig :p (and Mar, you've actually found your match!)

I had actually managed to squeeze in a Sentosa outing over the weekend while coping with my sleep insufficiency. And yeah ....... I had even managed to get some photos too :))) It's been a while since this blog last had pics.

I can hear my bed beckoning . *getting drowsy*

So later guys, here's Ms. Piggy signing off. *Oink*

Went with Gulp & the gang
The gang playing beach volleyball
It was a beautiful beautiful day for photo-takingKen carrying Woofie in his arm (check out the awesome backdrop - the sky couldn't have been more blue)My model for the day
She happily obliged with many poses
Tried to take a shot of myself but it's so bright that I can barely manage a crooked smile
Tried to take a series of photos, experimenting with different angles

I quite like this one - btw this is not a candid shot, Meg posed for it
Haha..... trust her to come up with a whole range of expressions!
Mother & Daughter :))Both my sweethearts looking very tired towards the end of the day
This is pretty Belle, a Samoyed
And this is a totally cute-looking Woofie
Thanx for taking care of me while I was sick, sweetieLearning to play the frisbee
Having a fun time kicking ball with Imah
You can see that the sun is setting
Showing us she's angry when we told her it's time to go home. Haha.....

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