Tuesday, May 08, 2007

MIko's birthday

Finally I got down to uploading Miko's birthday photos for my blog. I left my camera in the car that day and had to rely on my darlings to send me the photos. Both Miko and Noelle were really prompt about it but I had been procrastinating.

It's really late now and all I can think about is my bed. So goodnight peeps. If you haven't seen the photos in my darlings' blogs, I'll leave you now to enjoy the photos in peace.

'Changing Appetites' in Marina Square

Ken was there too
Ken just couldn't resist odering this super-sized iced chocolate despite my adamant objection (I objected cos I think it' really sinful & he insists all of us share it with him. In the end all of us had to relent :p)
Looking super happy. So cute ..... like a little boy! (But guess what became of that iced chocolate? He took 1 sip, says it tastes horrid & pushed the entire glass to Miko. Lolx....)
A sleek MP3 from Noelle
Ju received her belated birthday gift from Noelle & Miko.
Erm ..... I still owe Ju her present *sheepish*
Went for karaoke after dinner
Mar joined us after dinner Both showing off their Coach bags *jealous*I love them all!
It was freezing so we took cover under my trusted shawl. I'm like Linus from Charlie Brown. I never go out without my shawl aka blanket (that's what Mar calls it).
Got to know a new friend that day
Meet pretty babe Elaine - I feel so sloppy next to her with almost no make-up on
They specially dedicated Baa Baa Black Sheep for Ken. Ken never ever sings. And the only time he did was to this song on our 1st date! (Haha ..... so romantic right?) The girls always remind him whenever we go ktv.
Took this off Ju's blog. I was so engrossed with my online game that I had to bring the laptop out whilst we were celebrating Eric's birthday in Swensen's.

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