Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mummy's Day

It's mummy's day! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers out there!!! Nobody deserves a day specially dedicated to them more than you do. I know because I am one :p haha ........

Celebrated Erycka's 23rd birthday on Wednesday
Fresh cookies in basket - all handmade and baked by Meg & my mumHad BBQ outside my mum's house Poor Meg had to finish her "Ting Xie" (chinese spelling)
I love BBQs!
The same smiles plastered on their faces
Erycka's buddies - Jingli, Amy & Ivan My beautiful family
May all you wish for come true!Awww...... so sweet!
We're really caught up with rollerblading now. If we didn't manage to go East Coast then we would practice at the multi-storey carpark every evening.
Meg looks sooo good!
Woofie enjoys chasing us around the carpark
Andrew came by to join us too
Both of them showing off their new blades
Brought mum to Hong Kong Cafe in Katong for Mother's Day lunchErycka with mum Dearie Megan Trying to get a good shot of impish Meg with her DaDa
But she kept pushing her head real hard against his
Totally refusing to cooperate
Erm..... not perfect but really don't want to retake anymore :p
Watch the 2 of them play with each other - they're so sweet together

Erica starts to Zi Lian with her sunnies on I also want to try And so does my mum!
With my dear grandma
Erycka says she looks better next to Ken than I do -_-""
Impish Meg at work again - she refuses to take a pic with my dad

Look at her expression after she's being forced to!
I love them both
I love them both too!
My sweetheart
Meg pro-actively giving a massage

Grandma was shivering with cold but thank goodness for my trusted shawl aka blanket

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