Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shirlyn Tan - Newfound Jealousy

The link to a music video (embedded below) just arrived for me in my email inbox today. It's SHIRLYN TAN's new released MV to her first single 'Windows' .

Shirlyn was my Secondary 3 and 4 classmate from TKGS. Some of you might have seen her perform in Balaclava, Wala Wala or Timbre. And she has just released her album 'NEWFOUND JEALOUSY'. I am especially proud of her because she was one of my closer friends then. It was a pity we lost touch after that. But yeah, it was a great thing we found each other again and I went on to learn that she's on her way to stardom :))

School back then was fun. And it's even more so in an all girls school. We do all sorts of things together - skip classes, check out the boys from neighbouring schools and bitch of course! Both of us loved to sing and dance. Shirlyn's a terrific dancer as well. Other than the routine performances in school, we were very involved in our school's musical productions too. These were big scale fund-raising productions that needs almost 1 year to prepare for. And the icing on the cake was that we get to perform in Victoria Theatre. Thinking back, it can still rouse the adrenaline rush in me. I so absolutely LOVE the stage! (Gosh I miss all of that so darn much ........)

The production that both of us last worked on was 'Kismet' (meaning: fate). Shirlyn was destined to be in the spotlight since school days. She was already recognized then for her beautiful vocals and talent and was playing the lead character. However being in an all girls school had its cons too. The lead character was a MAN :p (But Shirlyn was still terrific!) Whereas me being not so talented, played one of the girls in the harem (negligible stuff but I love it all the same). Shirlyn used to name me her favourite harem and even gave me the flattest tummy award (since I had to be in belly-baring costumes). Haha ....... Although things would have to be turned around nowadays because her tummy is definitely way flatter than mine now!

Oh and by the way, she holds the record for writing the most pages in my autograph book. If I'm not wrong, she clocked 17 or 18 pages! I still get a good laugh out of reading them.

Biasness aside, I love her album. You know how it usually is with albums, it's only the first few tracks that are good. But not Newfound Jealousy. I tried to pick a favourite track but failed because all of them are terrific! Listen to them on her website and you'll know that I'm not exaggerating. Chart topping stuffs. And even more remarkable, she wrote all of them. Now is she talented or is she talented? I had to resist a little squeal each time I hear her song on radio. I think Ken must be extremely sick of me by now, pointing out her song excitedly to him while driving.

I truly admire her courage for following her heart and pursuing her dreams. Many of us have falter along the way. The journey must have been tough but she stuck to it. And now her dream is coming true :)

Go get them girl!

P.S. And after having said so much, what are you guys waiting for? Go buy her album now ;p

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